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How Can Solar Battery Storage Save You Money?

1. Solar battery storage reduces your energy bills

Running air conditioners, lights, refrigeration equipment, and computers are all integral parts of most businesses—without them it simply cannot function. Unfortunately, not using them to reduce energy usage to reduce costs is not an option. By installing commercial solar on the roof, businesses can start producing their own energy. This is a good start to reducing energy bills.

In fact, our proprietary system design allows us to install 30% more modules on your roof than any other company, increasing your total solar output by 30%. But that’s not enough to minimize your utility bills. To really see savings in operating costs, businesses need solar battery storage. With solar battery energy storage systems, companies can not only produce their own energy, but also store excess energy for later use, maximizing energy savings.

Solar battery storage

2. How can the solar battery energy storage system gradually save you money?

If your business installs commercial solar without solar battery storage, the excess energy you generate is lost to the grid. Solar modules generate the most energy during the sunny day, usually between 11am and 3pm. The problem is that many businesses use more energy at night. With solar battery energy storage, you can store the extra energy you generate during the day and use it at night when energy costs are higher. It can also be stored, credited and used during the summer months when air conditioner usage is highest and summer costs are highest.

Here’s exactly how solar battery energy storage works:

Energy Production: Your commercial solar energy produces energy during the day, sometimes up to 12 hours, with peaks between 11am and 3pm. Battery charging: The extra energy the business does not use during the day is used to charge the solar battery. Store extra power on the grid: Once your battery is fully charged, the extra energy is transferred, recorded and stored on the utility grid for later use by your business. Battery usage: At night, after solar power has waned, when energy consumption and utility costs are higher, you will use the energy previously stored in the battery. Get it from the grid: Once the battery is used in time, you can start using any extra energy you previously stored from the utility grid. Save on energy costs: By combining solar power with battery storage, you can save more on your monthly utility bills, and solar battery storage can better control current and future cost increases.

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