How to Accurately Select UPS Power Supply

How to Accurately Select UPS Power Supply for the Configuration of Medical Equipment?

Due to unstable power supply, pollution, and interruptions, voltage spikes, frequency drifts, and other issues can occur in the power grid. UPS power supply plays a crucial role in the normal operation of medical equipment, directly affecting the fluctuation and stability of medical device operation. In severe cases, it can even cause damage to the medical equipment and accidents. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for healthcare workers to equip medical devices with proper UPS power supplies.

Considerations for UPS power supply design

Different designs have different effects on the operation of internal components, from PCB design and layout to the design and assembly of the UPS power supply system. For example, the printed design of the PCB can affect the operation of signals and currents. Therefore, the considerations for UPS power supplies may vary depending on the equipment.

The size and power density of UPS power supplies

The functionality, high precision testing, small size, and high power requirements of medical equipment need to be considered. This requires medical equipment UPS power supplies to provide high power output in a small form factor.

The competitive advantages of UPS power supplies

  • In today’s fiercely competitive medical equipment market, especially for small and home-based medical devices, it is crucial for important medical equipment UPS power supplies to have a competitive price.
  • The choice of battery capacity plays a role in extending the usage time of devices during power outages. Standard models typically have built-in batteries that can extend device usage time for 10-15 minutes, while extended models are equipped with battery cabinets that can provide even longer backup time. The choice should be based on specific needs.

Lastly, the strength of UPS power supply manufacturers should be considered when selecting medical systems

Currently, medical equipment supply meets the requirements of FCC-B for electromagnetic compatibility and electromagnetic detection, as well as qualification verification to ensure that UPS power supplies meet various requirements. Additionally, the service capabilities of medical system UPS power supply manufacturers are also important to consider, as they are related to equipment maintenance and support.

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