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How to choose the power module of EV charging station?

With the continuous development and improvement of new energy technology, EV charging module appears frequently in front of people’s eyes, and high-quality EV charging module can provide energy output for charging pile, which has a crucial impact on the quality of charging pile. Therefore, it takes a lot of energy for consumers to purchase charging module. Then, what should be considered when selecting the EV charging module?

  1. Consider the manufacturer’s production technology

As the EV charger module is the product of electronic technology, it is necessary to consider the manufacturer’s production technology level. Because the technical level of the manufacturer will directly affect the quality and performance of EV charger power module. Only more professional and high-level manufacturers of EV charger power module are more likely to plan the production process of EV charging module and produce it according to the highest production standard. Therefore, the manufacturer’s EV charger power module can become the most popular.

2. Consider the after-sales service

After running, all kinds of sudden failures will inevitably appear. Therefore, the user must take the EV charger module to the manufacturer for maintenance. Therefore, the after-sales service of the manufacturer is very important. At the same time, it also requires manufacturers to make a series of effective and perfect after-sales service.

3. Consider the EV charger module price

As the EV charger module is a new product, it will not be too cheap in the sales price. Therefore, when choosing the manufacturer of the power module, the price should also be considered. It’s best to do shop around, and choose reliable EV charging module at a more affordable price.

SCU is committed to the application and research of power electronics technology. Based on strong power electronics technology and digital control technology, SCU, EV charger module manufacturer/supplier/factory, has developed electric vehicle infrastructure, intelligent charging cloud platform and mobile phone APP design and R & D fields. It has formed seven core systems with complete types and high compatibility, providing comprehensive system solutions for new energy electric vehicle charging. The whole series of products are based on independent research and development. From design to production, testing and application, we strictly control product quality layer by layer. Multiple safety designs ensure safety and reliability. We have formed a complete set of highly standardized industrial chain to provide customers with high-quality product delivery experience. We OEM EV charger modules for many EV charger suppliers. Welcome to contact us to cooperate.

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