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How to Improve the Reliability of Energy Storage Battery Management System?

In today’s highly developed science and technology, various high-tech products have emerged in our lives, bringing convenience to us. Do you know that these high-tech products may contain energy storage batteries? Currently, the most widely used energy storage battery is probably the lithium iron phosphate battery. For an energy storage battery pack or stack, a fully functional BMS management system is very important, which can fully exert the effectiveness of the energy storage battery pack. So, what are the requirements for the BMS management system of energy storage batteries?

Using batteries as backup power is not a new thing. There are already many types of battery backup power systems. Although the chemical composition and technological advances in the battery field have attracted much attention, there is still another equally critical part for a feasible and battery-based backup system, which is the battery management system (BMS).

Analog measurement function of battery management system

The battery management system can measure the voltage and temperature of individual cells in real-time, as well as measure the voltage and current at the battery pack terminal, ensuring the safe, reliable, and stable operation of the battery, meeting the service life requirements of individual cells, and satisfying the requirements of optimization control for the operation of individual cells and battery packs. As a backup power source, it is very suitable for fixed and mobile use from kilowatts to hundreds of kilowatts, providing reliable and efficient power supply for various applications.

Online SOC diagnosis function of battery management system

Based on real-time data acquisition, an expert mathematical analysis and diagnostic model is established to measure the remaining power of the battery in real-time. At the same time, the SOC prediction is intelligently calibrated based on the discharge current of the battery and the ambient temperature, providing more accurate information on the remaining capacity and reliable utilization time of the battery under changing loads. There are many challenges when using an energy storage battery management system. The solution is not simply to “expand” the management system of small and low-capacity battery packs. Instead, it requires new, more complex strategies and key support components.

Operating alarm function of battery management system

When over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, high temperature, low temperature, communication abnormalities, or BMS abnormalities occur during the operation of the battery management system, the alarm information can be displayed and reported. The starting point of the challenge is to require high accuracy and reliability of many key battery parameter measurement values. In addition, the planning of the subsystem must be modular to enable customization of the configuration for specific usage requirements, while considering possible expansion requirements, overall management issues, and necessary maintenance.

Protection function of battery management system

To avoid serious faults such as over-voltage, under-voltage, and over-current (short-circuit) that may occur during operation, the battery circuit can be quickly cut off and the fault point can be isolated, and alarm information can be output in a timely manner to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system. The working environment of larger storage arrays also presents significant challenges. In situations where the inverter voltage is high, the current is large, and current spikes are generated as a result, the battery management system must also provide accurate and consistent data in a noisy electrical environment that is often very hot. In addition, the BMS must provide extensive “fine” data on the measured values of internal modules and subsystem temperatures, rather than limited rough total data, as these data are critical for charging, monitoring, and discharging.

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