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Hungary suspends photovoltaic grid connection?

Hungary ‘s oil and gas resources are relatively scarce, and natural gas is more only dependent on imports. Therefore, the development of new energy has always been an effective solution for Hungary to solve energy problems. In fact , in recent years, the proportion of photovoltaic power generation in Hungary has increased year by year. In 2021, Hungarian lignite-based electricity production continued to decline, while the share of solar power plants in total production reached 11.1%, the highest in the entire EU ratio, which also puts Hungary ahead of Mediterranean countries such as Spain or Greece in terms of photovoltaic power generation . The current prime minister, Viktor Orban, was able to win a landslide victory in the election, and an important reason is his energy policy. Hungary has proposed the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, and the country is also the sixth European country to explicitly propose “coal withdrawal” .

However, in Europe, where photovoltaic installed capacity is growing explosively, Hungary actually stopped new photovoltaic power generation from being connected to the grid because of grid consumption problems !

According to local media reports in Hungary, Gergely Gulyás, Minister of the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office, announced in a government briefing that in the future, electricity generated by solar panels that have not been licensed will not be accepted by the grid indefinitely. So far, the Hungarian grid system has been operating on a balanced billing basis, only having to account for the difference between the energy produced by solar panels and the energy consumed by households. If the user’s consumption is more than the electricity generated by the household photovoltaic, the user will pay an additional fee to the electricity supplier. However, if there is a balance, the electricity provider will make a purchase. However, from now on, the surplus energy generated will not be accepted by the utility company, it can only be used for consumption during the day. But at night, they don’t have electricity unless they have electricity storage capacity .

In fact , this is not only an individual phenomenon, but also a common problem in other European countries , because for many countries, the demand for grid connection of photovoltaic power generation facilities under construction has exceeded the capacity of the country’s power grid, and the rules must be changed in the future.

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