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Introduction to Off-Grid Solar Battery Storage System

Off-grid solar battery storage system is a system independent of the traditional power grid. It converts solar energy into electricity using solar photovoltaic panels and stores and dispatches electricity through a battery storage system. This system is usually applied to remote areas, islands, and wilderness campsites where it is unable to connect to the traditional power grid or where independent power supply is required.

Components of off-grid solar battery storage system

Solar photovoltaic panels: Solar photovoltaic panels are the core components of the system. They convert solar energy into direct current electricity.

Battery storage system: The battery storage system is used to store the electricity generated by the solar photovoltaic panels. These batteries are usually lithium-ion batteries or other types of rechargeable batteries, with high energy density and long lifespan.

Inverter: The inverter is one of the key components of the off-grid solar battery storage system. It converts DC electricity into AC electricity to meet the electricity demand of households, equipment, or other power needs. The inverter, like max power hybrid inverter, can also convert AC electricity into DC electricity to charge the batteries.

Controller: The controller is responsible for monitoring and managing the operation of the entire off-grid solar battery storage system. It can track the output of the solar photovoltaic panels, the charging and discharging status of the batteries, and control the flow of energy according to the demand to ensure the efficient operation of the system and protect the batteries from overcharging and overdischarging.

Power distribution system: This includes distribution boxes, circuit breakers, cables, etc., to ensure the safe and effective transmission of electricity within and outside the system.

Advantages of off-grid solar battery storage

Users of independent solar power systems have rigid demands. After understanding the basic needs of customers, the installation capacity is determined first, and then the system scheme is confirmed. It effectively solves the difficulties of using electricity in areas where the power grid is difficult to extend, overcomes the difficulties of construction, material transportation, and high cost of traditional power grid due to the installation of high and low voltage lines.

Off-grid solar battery storage system fully utilizes solar energy for independent power generation, without external power supply, fully and effectively realizes the potential of distributed clean energy, reduces capacity, unstable power generation, and ensures the safe operation of the system. It eliminates the need for building substations, installing high and low voltage lines, and high and low voltage distribution systems. It provides independent power supply without affecting the entire user’s power supply in case of natural disasters. It operates at low voltage, ensuring safety and simple maintenance. It can be developed in areas with insufficient power supply.

Basic data to be understood before installing off-grid solar battery storage system

First, it is necessary to clearly understand the voltage phase of the user, whether it is single-phase AC 220V or three-phase AC 380V. This determines the output characteristics of the inverter;

Second, the type of load, whether it is inductive load or resistive load. This determines the load power and output waveform of the inverter.

Third, the full load operating time of the load, that is, how many degrees of average daily electricity consumption are required. If it is a photovoltaic grid-connected power station, there is no need for energy storage devices, only reasonable power of photovoltaic modules needs to be configured. If it is a photovoltaic off-grid power generation system, the capacity of the battery must also be calculated, including the self-reserve power of the system when there is no sunlight for continuous rainy days.

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