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Mobile solar energy storage system

In order to solve the electricity demand in islands for away from the mainland,remote areas,construction sites or other facilities that require temporary power solutions,The mobile containerized energy storage system that combines solar system and energy storage has emerged as the times require.

battery energy storage system

Recently, SCU and European customers jointly designed a solar battery energy storage system container solution,The container is a vehicle-mounted design, which can be used in remote areas without electricity or construction sites with temporary electricity shortages;energy storage system with an energy storage capacity of 150kWh and a photovoltaic capacity of 50kW.This system has a highly modular design, all electrical components have been integrated in the container, and there are photovoltaic, load, and mains terminals outside the container, which provides convenience for customers to install and use.The second part of the space is used for the storage of photovoltaic panels. There are strength points for photovoltaic brackets inside and outside the container. The customer side will use photovoltaic brackets that can be installed quickly.

energy storage system

The system is being installed and commissioned and is expected to run for 8 to 10 hours with 100% renewable energy.For this system customers have two ways of earning: The first way of income is to sell, this system can be sold to some construction sites with long-term power shortage or relatively large power consumption;The second income method is leasing: this system can be leased to those places with short-term power shortage or temporary power consumption, and the energy is sold according to the kilowatt-hour charge.This is the method favored by end customers at present, after all, there is no capital expenditure requirement for the client.
More and more customers are looking for cleaner options to meet their temporary power needs, battery energy storage systems that can be powered by mobile provide us with the flexible solution we need, this solution can also be adapted to different needs, and scalable for MW level projects.

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