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Power solutions for data centers in the 5G era

With the commercial promotion of 5g, the innovation and application of Internet of things, artificial intelligence and other fields are springing up, the scale of data center will double in the foreseeable future, and the investment cost such as the number of IT equipment and floor area will also soar. In the precious use area of data center, how to maximize the economic benefits and reduce the area of infrastructure is the focus of industry development.

The data center in the 5G era is developing to the two-level development of super large cloud computing center and edge data center. This must rely on ultra-high base station density and real-time computing power, which is currently the most widely recognized data center in the industry. From the perspective of power supply system construction, it will be more complicated. For data centers, containerized modular UPS data centers will be the only trend.

  1. High availability UPS

UPS adopts modular design, which can be hot swapped online. In addition, the redundancy mode is designed for the key components of UPS, which makes the reliability of single UPS reach the reliability of traditional 2N system. At the same time, the average fault recovery time of UPS system is also reduced from several hours to several minutes.

  • UPS can be configured according to actual load

The modular structure allows users to flexibly expand the UPS power according to the actual situation, and can continuously improve the UPS power supply capacity with the increase of the actual load, saving the capital waste and energy consumption caused by excessive investment in modular UPS system.


The input and output phases of traditional ups are fixed, so users often increase the number of ups in order to take into account different phases and capacities when constructing power supply system. In the modular UPS system, the multi-phase power supply technology can be used to change the constraints caused by the past singleness. Users no longer need to consider how to purchase ups with different phases or capacities to meet the needs of the system.

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