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Czech solar PV plus BESS Project

In many countries, electricity prices for large-scale consumers are set with reference to their maximum peak load. Many enterprises with high energy consumption began to reduce the power grid consumption by installing photovoltaic systems and battery energy storage, that is peak shaving.

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Off-grid application of energy storage system as a backup

This is an LPG gas processing plant project. The site is powered by two gas generators, two generators will switch one time every day, and it will take 10-30 minutes during the switch. During the switching period, important loads cannot be powered off, how to do it?

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SCU Hybrid Solar Storage clean energy project in Thailand

Located in Middle of Thailand, SCU 20ft BESS Container has been fully commissioned in OCT of 2022, it will complement the existing onsite solar power generation and supply electricity to the EGAT Personnel Office to reduce the office’s electricity consumption. The Project requires a reliable, efficient, and low life cycle cost means of generating electrical power.

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Energy storage system saves electricity bills for Germany client

SCU, as a professional research and development enterprise of energy storage products, is committed to the production of energy storage products, and provides customized energy storage solutions for different needs of different customers.

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How can SCU energy storage help European SMEs when electricity prices rise by 30%?

This winter may be extremely difficult for the European people. Under the heavy pressure of energy billing, more and more European SMEs choose photovoltaic energy storage to reduce electricity consumption.

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BESS off grid system for Solar Farm

The grid Power quality in the area where the customer’s farm is located is poor. In order to solve the problem of electricity consumption, the customer installed Solar Energy storage system to run off-grid.

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