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Italy car wash company

Application of Industrial and Commercial Energy Storage in Car Wash Plants

SCU developed a PV + ESS + Grid solution for an Italian car wash company, providing a stable power supply. At the same time, by maximizing the use of solar power generation and energy storage and reducing dependence on city power, the car wash company significantly reduced energy costs.

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SCU EV charger at Europe Audi showroom

Europe Audi Showroom Embraces SCU EV Charger Solution

This Audi showroom in Europe has high-power charging and smart charging needs. SCU provides two 360kw EV charger stacks, each with 8 units of EV charge posts DC EV charger solutions. SCU has developed Modbus communication functions, allowing customers to use their developed platform to control the power of EV chargers in real time.

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solar BESS

BESS for African Rural Electrification Project

To solve the problem of power shortage, African governments have proposed support for the development of rural electrification off-grid solution projects, utilizing clean energy such as wind and solar energy combined with energy storage systems to achieve uninterrupted power supply.

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DC Fast Satellite EV Charger in Gas Oil Station Application

This Bulgaria customer is an AC charger operator for many years, As the government requested, add EV fast charger to the traditional Gas/Oil station. SCU provided 240kw satellite EV charger to them.

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EV charger

Dual CCS2 EV charger for Hong Kong automobile 4S shop

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. How can 4S stores improve their service to attract more customers? Install high power and DC fast EV charger, which could shorten customer waiting time and provide customers with a good experience.

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solar energy storage

Czech solar PV plus BESS Project

In many countries, electricity prices for large-scale consumers are set with reference to their maximum peak load. Many enterprises with high energy consumption began to reduce the power grid consumption by installing photovoltaic systems and battery energy storage, that is peak shaving.

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