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Renewable EV Charging Solution: Wind + Solar + BESS

SCU products drive by carbon neutrality and aim to provide completely new energy solutions, for example, we integrate solar, wind, and storage in our EV Charging solution.

solar wind storage

SCU starts the journey of EV Charger in 2014, at the beginning, the charger is powered by utility Grid. In recent years, most countries having problems with energy shortages and quite expensive electricity bills. Therefore, a renewable and energy-saving solution is expected for EV Charging. This is what SCU offers exactly!

solar storage charging one-stop solution

Our EVMS series EV Charger supports multiple power sources, for instance, Grid, Solar, Wind, and Lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage Systems. So, we have different scenes to make the charging session work. During daytime with good sunlight, the solar panels plus wind turbines will generate enough power for the EV Charger, and the excess energy can be stored in battery storage system for emergency use or backup. On cloudy days, we are unable to use solar, but we have wind turbines still. During nighttime, the charger will be powered by wind turbines or battery energy storage. In case of any extreme situation, no solar, no wind, no battery, the Grid will back to work as the traditional way. By all means, we have the most appropriate energy to use, which make sure our customer operates their charging station in the most economical way.

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