SCU’s PCS and GRES BESS System Attain Synergrid C10/26 Certification - SCU

SCU’s PCS and GRES BESS System Attain Synergrid C10/26 Certification

SCU is honored to announce that our two major products, PCS and GRES (commercial and industrial energy storage system), have successfully passed the C10/26 certification of the Belgian Electric Power Engineering Association (Synergrid)! This shows that our customers have a good experience when using PCS and GRES products in parts of the Netherlands and Belgium. Eligibility for direct connection to the grid. This laid a solid foundation for our official entry into the Belgian market.

scu get synergrid C10/26 certification

What is Synergrid Certification?

Synergrid is the federation of Belgian electricity and gas network operators. The main members are mainly power suppliers, network operators and other power industry-related companies. The federation is committed to promoting technological innovation and standardization in the power industry.

To ensure that distribution networks are as safe, reliable and stable as possible, Synergrid has developed technical specifications. Among these regulations, it describes the general technical requirements based on Belgian, European and international standards that third parties (grid users, manufacturers, installers, etc.) must meet in order to interact with the grid operator or the grid.

What are the benefits of Synergrid certification to customers?

  • Ease of connection to the grid: Synergrid-certified GRES and PCS ensure high equipment compatibility, allowing customers to connect to the Belgian electricity network easily. This provides them with broader opportunities to participate in the electricity market.

  • Enjoy the negative electricity price policies: By connecting to the power network and using an EMS system with energy storage, customers can flexibly adjust the timing of energy use and take full advantage of the negative electricity price policies of the Netherlands and Belgium.

  • Faster return on investment: Using SCU’s GRES and PCS, customers can not only enjoy more flexible power management but also achieve faster return on investment. By effectively taking advantage of negative electricity price periods, customers can realize a return on investment in a short period of time.


PCS and GRES get synergrid C10/26 certification

Obtaining Synergrid grid connection certification is a recognition of the technological advancement, reliability and safety of SCU’s power equipment. It also means that our products meet the high requirements of the Belgian power network.

synergrid C10/26 certification

Our GRES can be connected not only to the on-grid but also off-grid with PV DC-DC access.

In countries with imperfect power facilities, people often live without power provided by the national grid, or the national grid only provides power for a short period of time. At this time, people need to store solar energy for future use. Off-grid systems are designed to meet this need. The photovoltaic-off-grid system automatically charges the battery when there is sufficient sunlight during the day.

When the national power supply is available, the system will use the energy stored in the battery to power the load while also saving the cost of main electricity. The off-grid system can be connected with the generator set to form a stable and complementary power supply system to meet the daily power demand in areas lacking power grids.


Obtaining Synergrid grid connection certification is an important step for SCU to enter the Dutch and Belgian markets. We look forward to playing an active role in this innovative and developing market and contributing to the transition to clean energy in the Netherlands and Belgium.

SCU has always been committed to providing efficient and sustainable C&I energy storage system solutions, and Synergrid’s certification is further proof of the technical and quality excellence of our equipment. Our power equipment not only complies with Belgian national standards but also passes strict technical tests to ensure its reliability and stability in the Dutch and Belgian power networks.

SCU will continue to strive to provide commercial and industrial energy storage solution and continuously improve our technology to meet the changing needs of customers and the market. We are grateful to Synergrid for the recognition and to all partners and customers who have always supported and trusted SCU. We will continue to work hard to build a more sustainable energy future.

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