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Service Life and Safety Performance of Power-based Energy Storage Battery Systems

Random fluctuations in photovoltaic and wind power bring enormous pressure to the frequency and voltage balance of power grid. Energy storage technology has the characteristics of sensitive response and precise regulation, which can respond to the regulation needs of power grid frequency and voltage in real time, improve the quality and safety of power system. Currently, power-type “quality enhancement” energy storage projects have been demonstrated and commercially applied around the world, gradually participating in the auxiliary AGC frequency regulation of power grid. However, the service life and safety performance of power-type energy storage battery systems still need to be greatly improved.

The service life of energy storage batteries

New energy generation also features anti-peak characteristics, which brings great pressure to the capacity balance of power source, grid and load. With the rapid development of distributed photovoltaic and electric vehicle industries in the future, the uncertainty of electricity load will gradually increase, and the peak-valley difference of load will also increase. Energy storage system can play the role of peak shaving and valley filling to ensure the staggered balance of power system capacity demand. Currently, capacity-based “guaranteed-quantity” energy storage projects have not been widely applied yet, mainly because the cost of electrochemical energy storage is too high, which needs to be reduced by half before it is possible to develop into a scale. In addition, the supply and recycling of resources throughout the industry chain also need to be considered, because the development of renewable energy requires the support of renewable energy storage.

The safety performance of energy storage batteries

The cost, safety and environmental protection of energy storage battery systems are major challenges faced by the world today. It is necessary to establish a market-oriented green energy storage technology innovation system, develop different energy storage technologies for specific application scenarios, and innovate collaboratively at multiple levels such as materials, devices, systems and applications, so as to reduce the cost of energy storage by more than half through disruptive technology development, and improve the safety performance of electrochemical energy storage systems to a fully controllable level. The full industry chain design and application of environmental load and resource regeneration also need to be considered.

In order to promote the healthy and sustainable development of energy storage technology and industry, we should adhere to the direction of market-oriented development, actively promulgate industrial policies, and promote market-oriented reforms. We should encourage energy storage technology R&D, carry out project demonstrations, and begin to establish and improve the market mechanism for energy storage to participate in power grid auxiliary services.

China’s energy storage field is actively innovating in technology and the number of patent applications is increasing year by year. A few original technologies have already made breakthroughs. In the future, we need to strengthen the establishment of a market-oriented green energy storage technology R&D system and talent training system, provide a good market environment for energy storage batteries, actively promote energy storage technology innovation, reduce energy storage application costs, promote the development of energy storage technology and industry, and help global energy clean transformation.

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