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Should the energy storage system choose liquid cooling or air cooling?

More and more people pay attention to the liquid cooling of energy storage system. When you compare liquid cooling with air cooling, the following points you need to take into consideration.

  1. With the current air-cooling method of precision air conditioners, the system cooling cost accounts for 1.5% of the system cost, while after adopting the liquid-cooling method, the system cost is 3%, an increase of 100%.
  2. According to the calculation of an American customer in the terminal market, after the liquid cooling system is adopted, the maintenance cost of the system needs to be maintained by professionals. The maintenance cost of a single rack is 6,000 US dollars, and the maintenance cost is greatly increased.
  3. The liquid cooling system only reduces the risk of fire in the system, but does not eliminate the risk of fire. Is it worth paying such a cost?

For the brainwashing of each system factory at present, the client has generally believed that liquid cooling is the trend. If the energy storage manufacturers do not make liquid cooling solutions, they will be considered as incompetent by the customers and fall into the second tier. Therefore, in order to survive, we should still be led by the market, just as we thought that high efficiency was impractical, but we still had to passively launch high efficiency projects, and also like the communication market launched 96% efficient module in 2008, which was also technologically advanced at that time, but the market did not pay for them. Liquid cooling system wants a place in the market, to improve the safety of energy storage, it is necessary to find a way on the battery cell. Which way the market ultimately chooses remains to be tested by the market. The view of some professionals is that air-cooling should still dominate the market in five years from now on.

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