Analysis of the Application Advantage of Micro-grid Battery Energy Storage Technology

  1. The flexibility of the battery energy storage technology of the micro grid

The biggest advantage of applying the microcompany to the power system is its flexibility. Micro grids can be simply understood as miniature grids. The miniature here mainly means that the voltage of the micro grid during operation is below 10 kV, which means that the overall operating voltage is lower than the voltage in the 10 kV power line route. The power capacity of the micro grid is also controlled below the Schwar. Then in the process of the application of micro -grid battery energy storage technology, it is mainly to directly connect with the home power system, that is, to directly realize the user’s access to achieve the effect of multi-source coordination and control. This flexible access method can achieve fast use of electricity resources, and is also conducive to the quality control of electrical energy.

  1. The environmental protection of micro -grid battery energy storage technology

Micro grids mainly adopt a distributed access method to supply separately. The main source of power supply for its energy is clean energy, so micro -grid battery energy storage technology has great environmental protection and cleanliness. At the same time, the savings performance of battery energy storage technology on power resources is very high. Cleaning energy power supply, coupled with the superiority of its own power storage, can fundamentally achieve the savings and recycling of electricity resources to achieve high performance and low energy and low energy. The operating goals consumed are also the greatest economic value of the application of micro -grid battery energy storage technology.

solar energy storage solution
  1. The automation of micro -grid battery energy storage technology

The main advantage of the application of micro -grid battery energy storage technology is also reflected in automation. Micro grid battery energy storage technology does not require artificial operation and control throughout the application and operation of the entire application and operation. The battery energy storage is always in a state of balance.

  1. The interaction of micro-grid battery energy storage technology

Micro-grid battery energy storage technology also has strong interaction. In the entire power system composition, there are mainly power distribution systems, distributed power systems and access power systems. In traditional distributed and access power system applications, they will cause excessive loss of power resources to a certain extent. The application of micro-grid battery energy storage technology can be well avoided. Due to the low operating voltage of the micro grid, energy exchange can be performed in real time between the micro grid and the power distribution network. It can realize the interaction and use of diversified energy and comprehensive management of power resources.

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