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The key to development “solar+storage+charging“ is the power grid

Compared with the problems of cost and technology, the grid connected photovoltaic power generation is the main problem. Although the ” solar+storage+charging ” is still in the demonstration stage at present, there should be a large application scenario in the future. With the decrease of battery cost and the continuous improvement of efficiency after technical progress, economic benefits will be gradually generated.

From the commercial point of view, the current ” solar+storage+charging ” still belongs to the category of distributed energy and energy trading. As the core carrier of grid connection and energy trading, State Grid has the terminal and pricing power of grid connection and energy transaction. Since the State Grid has built several “solar+storage+charging “, other relevant parties are also willing to participate.

Although ” solar+storage+charging ” have been put into operation, many people are not optimistic. It still depends on the electric vehicle V2G technology, which is the real big market and general direction. V2G is the abbreviation of Vehicle-to-grid. When the electric car is not in use, the electric energy of the on-board battery is sold to the grid system. If the vehicle battery needs to be charged, the current flows from the grid to the vehicle.

For private car owners’ mobile energy storage, V2G is a very important unit, and the technology is not difficult, but it is too difficult to implement. If everyone is discharging and charging at the same time, it will have a great impact on the distribution and adjustment of grid. In summer and winter, the power grid will run at full capacity, and it is difficult to increase the capacity in many places. V2G will have a great impact on the grid. The demand for charging will definitely increase, and the prospects for new energy vehicles are also good, but there is still a long way to go before becoming a mainstream model.

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