The Popularization of Battery Energy Storage is Accelerating, and the Market Trend is Becoming Clearer

In recent years, with the rapid development of the new energy industry, the energy storage market as an auxiliary industry has also ushered in explosive development. In fact, whether it is photovoltaic, wind power, hydropower or other renewable energy sources, or traditional power grid or Internal combustion engine distributed energy is inseparable from the support of energy storage technology, and the battery energy storage industry has also become a strategic hub for energy transformation. What is lithium-ion battery technology for energy storage? In today’s highly developed science and technology, if various cutting-edge technologies appear in our lives and bring convenience to our lives, do you know the lithium-ion battery energy storage technology that these high-tech can contain?

1. Lithium-ion battery system energy storage is currently the most feasible technical route

Energy is an important material basis for human survival and social development, and an important cornerstone for realizing national economy, national security and sustainable development. With the development of human society, human demand for energy is increasing day by day, but the ecological environment is deteriorating day by day. In particular, greenhouse gas emissions have led to increasingly serious global climate change, and this contradiction has become more serious in recent years. At present, the country has become the world’s largest energy producer and consumer, and the demand for energy continues to rise. Therefore, it is urgent to adjust the energy structure. On the one hand, we need to develop new energy sources to meet demand, and on the other hand, we need to make rational and effective use of renewable energy sources.

With the development of society, the demand for energy continues to rise. Many countries attach great importance to the research and development of large-scale energy storage systems and the development of energy storage technology. So far, a variety of energy storage technologies have been proposed and developed for different fields and needs. Lithium-ion battery system energy storage is currently the most feasible technical route.

2. Energy storage lithium-ion battery system is related to other battery energy storage systems

They have the characteristics of high energy density and ambient temperature, large range and high charge and discharge capacity, and fast response characteristics. DC bus power systems have great advantages in distributed energy storage systems. At present, small-scale demonstration projects have adopted examples of lithium-ion battery energy storage systems. With the rapid development of lithium-ion battery systems, safety and cycle time will be further improved, and the price will be further reduced. Lithium-ion battery energy storage systems will also occupy an increasingly important position in micro-grid systems such as distributed energy storage systems and wind power generation systems.

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