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What are the types and applications of solar inverter

Up to now, photovoltaic products have occupied a large market with their huge advantages, and people have begun to pay attention to and understand photovoltaic products. The following is a brief introduction to a very important photovoltaic product – solar inverter. I hope this article can supplement your knowledge.
What is a solar inverter and types
The solar inverter is a device that can change the direct current in the solar battery into alternating current. “Inversion” refers to the process of converting direct current to alternating current. The working circuit of the solar inverter must be a full bridge circuit. Through a series of filtering and modulation in the full bridge circuit, the load and electrical properties of the current are changed to achieve the user’s expected purpose. This is the main work of the solar inverter.
Our common photovoltaic inverters are Off-grid inverters, Grid-ted inverters and Hybrid solar inverters.Next, introduce each inverter one by one.

Off-grid inverters
The photovoltaic off grid inverter is a power conversion device, which pushes and pulls the input DC to boost the voltage, and then reverses it to 220V AC through the SPWM sine pulse width modulation technology of the inverter bridge.
SPWM (Sinusoidal PWM) method is a relatively mature and widely used PWM method. An important conclusion in the sampling control theory mentioned above is that when narrow pulses with equal impulse but different shape are added to the link with inertia, the effect is basically the same. The SPWM method is based on this conclusion. The SPWM waveform is used to control the on-off of the switching devices in the inverter circuit by using the PWM waveform whose pulse width changes according to the sine law and is equivalent to the sine wave, so that the area of the output pulse voltage is equal to the area of the desired output sine wave in the corresponding interval, By changing the frequency and amplitude of the modulation wave, the frequency and amplitude of the output voltage of the inverter circuit can be adjusted.

solar inverters

Grid-tied inverters
Grid tie inverter (GTI) is a special inverter. In addition to converting DC power to AC power, its output AC power can synchronize with the frequency and phase of the mains power, so the output AC power can return to the mains power. Grid connected inverters are often used in applications where some DC voltage sources (such as solar panels or small wind turbines) are connected to the power grid.
The grid connected inverter architecture includes newer high-frequency transformer, traditional power frequency transformer, or inverter architecture without transformer. The high-frequency transformer does not directly provide 120 V or 240 V AC power supply, but has a computer controlled multi-step program to convert the power supply to high-frequency AC, then to DC, and finally to the voltage and frequency required by the power supply.
Hybrid solar inverters
The hybrid inverter can manage the photovoltaic array, battery storage and utility grid, all of which are directly coupled to the unit. These modern all-in-one systems are usually highly versatile and can be used for grid connected, independent or backup applications, but their main function is to consume by using storage.
Introduction of SCU Hybrid Solar Inverter
This type of solar inverter is a combination of off-grid inverter and grid-tied inverter, because they allow you to be completely independent of the grid and synchronize with the grid under low sunlight or high power consumption. They use a technology called “DC coupling”, through which the battery is connected to the inverter.
Power conversion system energy storage is a multi-functional AC-DC converter by offering both basic bidirectional power converters factions of PCS power and several optional modules which could offer on/off grid switch and renewable energy access. Ranging from 50kW to 250kW, the Power conversion system (PCS)converter well fits the requirement of Battery Energy Storage in commercial and industrial applications.
Both Energy Storage power conversion system and Lithium-ion Battery System are made by SCU in house. As a hybrid inverter supplier, we could support your Power conversion system (PCS)battery storage business from power generation, through transmission and distribution, and all the way to users.
Application of SCU hybird solar inverter
This type of inverter is very suitable for users who want to reduce the cost by using the energy generated by daytime sunlight and store it in the battery to support the energy use after sunset. Hybird solar inverter is the perfect choice for buyers who often encounter power outages, failures and excessive load shedding.
If you need inverters , you can contact us at enquiry@scupower.com Detailed consultation.

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