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Why Choose Modular UPS in Data Center?

Data center plays an increasingly important role in enterprises and departments. How to ensure the stable operation of the data center has become a very critical issue. How to choose Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) as the standard equipment of data center?

Generally, UPS system has three types: Backup (or offline), online interactive and dual conversion (online). Different manufacturers will provide UPS with different configurations. Customers can choose the UPS they need according to their own goals, applications, and functional requirements, as well as their desire for product differentiation.

  1. Reasonable planning of investment capital

Experience has shown that using traditional UPS, in order to meet the demand for load increase in the future, it is usually necessary to purchase a UPS with a larger capacity in the early stage, resulting in idle funds. The use of modular UPS system can be easily expanded to meet the demand for load increase in the future. It can help customers make reasonable investment.

  • Save operating costs as much as possible

The input power factor correction technology of modular UPS enables the input power factor to be greater than 0.99, saving harsh installation and equipment investment costs. The unique intelligent charging function of the modular UPS enables the battery to be compensated and balanced in real time, which prolongs the lifespan of the battery and saves maintenance costs.

  • The most convenient transportation and installation

With high-quality electronic technology, modular UPS has become a product with smaller footprint and lighter weight, which makes transportation and installation very simple. The operator can easily move the modular UPS to the installation position with only a small trolley, saving time.

  • Meet the needs of various applications

Modular UPS can meet various application requirements, whether single phase input or three phase input, whether single phase output or three phase output, only one product can meet various requirements.

  • Running

Modular UPS power supply has “module dormancy” function. On the basis of ensuring certain system redundancy, it can sleep a certain number of modules, so that the UPS system can operate in the area with high power, which can maintain about 96%.

  • Energy saving and environmental protection

The world is pursuing a future of environmental protection and energy saving. Modular UPS has attracted much attention, with an input power factor of more than 0.999. Reduce line loss and improve power utilization. Its inverter efficiency can reach more than 98%, thereby improving the working efficiency of the whole machine, reducing losses and saving electric energy. UPS total harmonic distortion (THDI) is 3%, the output total harmonic distortion under linear load is less than 2%, the harmonic interference to the grid is minimized, and the grid load and power loss are effectively reduced. Summary: Modular UPS power supply is beneficial for users to construct and invest in stages when the future development is not clear. Capacity expansion on demand, easy maintenance, high efficiency, high availability, and small footprint have become the biggest advantages of modular UPS.

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