Application of AC coupling solution of solar energy storage in Malaysia University - SCU

Application of AC coupling solution of solar energy storage in Malaysia University

Project introduction:

Battery Energy Storage System

We supply a 200Kwh Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) including PCS and lithium-ion battery to a university in Malaysia. It will be installed in Carpark in this university campus and integrated into 75.6kWp PV system. They need this Battery Energy Storage System for financial study and research. During the operation of BESS, they try to understand how it works to give the best support for load consumption and different working modes, such as Grid back up, peak shaving, Grid support.
SCU 200Kwh BESS will be connected as AC-Coupled BESS to the existing AC Grid. The BESS stores energy generated from PV as back up for supplying to load, if there is blackout on Grid, BESS will be switched to off-grid within 10ms to continue the power supply to load. During Grid Outage, the BESS also prevent energy export to the Grid (anti-islanding protection) and at the same time BESS is able to feed energy to the load. Meanwhile, BESS provides peak shaving function, by using Grid Energy during off-peak hour to charge the BESS, and release BESS energy during on-peak hour.
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SCU provides professional battery energy storage solutions to meeting different installation scenarios. We have PCS (bi-directional AC/DC power conversion system) and lithium-ion battery for indoor use and containerized BESS with IP54 for outdoor use.


Battery Energy Storage System


Battery Energy Storage System

On the other hand, we can also install BESS in a outdoor environment, such as on a empty land in some remote areas. It works in a temperature range of -20~55℃ (>45℃ derating) and in altitude of 4000m (>2000m derating). The special material of the GRES shell gives the best protection for harsh environment.

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