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“Three steps” of environmental protection for Norwegian plastic enterprises

Plastic pollution is a common challenge facing mankind. With the rise of the global green economy, plastic pollution control has entered a new stage, and many manufacturing enterprises have begun to explore the path of sustainable development. Next, let’s learn how a Norwegian plastic manufacturing enterprise has transformed from “pollution” to “environmental protection” and played the “three steps” of the company’s development.
Step 1: PV
The installed 205kwp photovoltaic system can provide the company with half of the clean power required for production and reduce the cost of electricity.
Step 2: Battery
Configure 1.1MW energy storage battery to connect with photovoltaic power generation system, which can not only store power, but also reduce power peak and reduce carbon footprint.
Step 3: charging station
Invest in the construction of a 360kw container charging station to provide fast charging service for the company’s internal vehicles, or to charge external vehicles to increase revenue.
Charging pile
The container charging station is equipped with a first-controlled DC fast charging pile. The DC can be charged with two guns at the same time/in a round. The DC output power is 150KW, the overall efficiency is ≥ 95%, and it is efficient and energy-saving.

1、This series of charging piles can cover the specification requirements of 60KW-300KW, with strong compatibility;

2、The protection grade is IP55, which can be widely used;

It has a unique cold and hot air duct separation and heat dissipation system, which can adapt to a wider temperature range.
The person in charge of the company said: “We hope to be self-sufficient in energy as much as possible and contribute to the green transformation. Although it is not a small investment, in the long run, it can effectively reduce production costs, increase diversified income and promote the sustainable development of the company.”

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