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An HPC Charger Solution for Electric Logistics Truck Charging towards Zero Emissions

Policy in Sweden

With the rapid popularity of electric vehicles around the world, the Swedish government has been actively promoting the development of sustainable transportation, clean energy and zero-emission transportation. According to Swedish policy, public buses and logistics vehicles must be electric by 2025. Otherwise, they will not be able to enter urban areas. Against this background, the logistics industry has an increasingly urgent need for efficient charging facilities.

Electric Logistics Truck


Logistics companies in Sweden face insufficient charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, impacting their plans to transition to more environmentally friendly and sustainable modes of transport. Therefore, they sought a partner with global experience and leading technology to provide a reliable charging solution.

EV charging stack in Sweden

Electric logistics truck charging solution:

Most pure electric logistics vehicles are used for transportation from urban distribution centers to distribution points. The transportation distance is fixed. Charging stations must be built in the distribution centers to provide sufficient power when the vehicles are on standby. The charging station is equipped with medium and high-power charging equipment, which is fast, efficient and energy-saving, reducing the power distribution pressure of the charging station.

We provide this customer with 360kw DC EV charging stack, each with 2*180kw charging posts.

EV charging stack and charging post


  • High power transmission: maximum output of 250A per connector;

  • Intelligent power distribution: According to the requirements of the charging vehicle BMS, identify the vehicle voltage, intelligently allocate power, reasonably and fully utilize charging resources to maximize the efficiency of charging equipment, reduce investment costs, and improve operating return rates;

  • Unified operation and management platform: Charging information can be accessed into a unified operation and management platform. All user-related databases on the platform can be opened completely free of charge, and software upgrade services are provided;

  • Plug and play: VIN self-identification charging, the charging strategy can be set in the operation background, and the identified vehicles will be charged according to this strategy.


With the charging pile solution provided by SCU, the Swedish logistics company has achieved remarkable results. The charging time of electric vehicles is significantly shortened, operating costs are reduced, and overall transportation efficiency is improved. At the same time, the company’s sustainable business philosophy has been further strengthened, laying a solid foundation for its leading position in the Swedish logistics market.

SCU can provide not only electric logistics vehicle charging solutions but also bus charging solutions, PV+Energy storage+EV charging integrated solutions, etc. Welcome to contact us at

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