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electric trucks dual-gun charging
Dual-gun Charging Solution for Electric Logistics Trucks in Thailand

Once again, SCU provides a dual-gun charging solution for electric commercial vehicles equipped with two charging ports. The project is located in a large logistics park in Thailand. We provide 6 sets of EV charging stacks to help their electric logistics vehicles achieve dual-gun charging, improve charging efficiency, save charging time, and help them operate efficiently.

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Thailand Solar BESS Charging Station All-in-one Solution

We designed a solar BESS charging station all-in-one solution for a Thai customer. SCU designed a 40ft energy storage container + 240KW EV charging stack solution for them. Half of the container space is an accessory storage area, and the other half is a customer rest area. This system forms a microgrid of PV, BESS and EV chargers, which can realize two operation modes of grid-connected and off-grid according to the demand. It uses peak shaving and valley filling to reduce costs and also makes up for the shortcomings of discontinuity in solar power generation.

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Ultra fast ev charger for BMW
SCU Provides Ultra Fast Liquid Cooling EV Charger for BMW China Production Site

SCU provides customized EVMS series ultra-fast liquid-cooling EV chargers for BMW’s electric car production site in China. The terminals comply with CCS2 and CHAdeMO standards, respectively. This set of EV chargers has been successfully installed in the factory parking lot to provide testing services for BMW’s newly developed electric vehicles.

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An HPC Charger Solution for Electric Logistics Truck Charging towards Zero Emissions

A Swedish logistics company chose to cooperate with SCU, and we provided it with a reliable charging solution: a 360kw EV charging stack; each stack has 2 posts.

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DC Fast Satellite EV Charger in Gas Oil Station Application

This Bulgaria customer is an AC charger operator for many years, As the government requested, add EV fast charger to the traditional Gas/Oil station. SCU provided 240kw satellite EV charger to them.

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DHL Logistics Vehicles achieves Zero Emission by SCU EV Charging Solution – EV Charging Stack + Charger Post

DHL has set a mission to achieve zero emissions by 2050. As a benchmark company in the global logistics industry, DHL has more stringent standards when selecting partners. In China, DHL chose to cooperate with Sicon Chat Union(SCU) to establish New Energy Logistics Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Beijing, Shenzhen, Xiamen, and Zhejiang.

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