CCS2 CHAdeMO EV charger for a Shopping Mall in Africa-SCU

CCS2 CHAdeMO EV charger for a Shopping Mall in Africa


With increasing environmental awareness and the push for clean transportation, electric vehicles are rapidly emerging in African cities. Shopping malls are important places in people’s daily lives, so it is imperative to provide charging facilities for electric vehicles.

In the dynamic land of Africa, a new era of clean energy has begun. As a leading EV charger manufacturer, SCU provided efficient and reliable EV charger services to a shopping mall in Zambia, providing shoppers with a clean and convenient charging experience for their electric vehicles.

CCS CHAdeMO EV charger for a Shopping Mall


EVMS-60 DC fast EV charger supports CCS2 and CHAdeMO standards, which makes it a fully compatible one-stop solution. This flexibility not only meets the charging needs of various electric models but also provides the shopping center with advanced infrastructure for future sustainable development.

SCU CCS and CHAdeMO EV charger not only support two standards but are also highly adaptable and can meet the charging needs of different electric models. The parking lot of the shopping center has become a charging hub for diverse electric vehicles, providing citizens with more choices and convenience. It has promoted the construction of clean transportation infrastructure in Zambia, Africa, and made a positive contribution to the sustainable development of the city.

ev charger in Africa

Renewable energy potential

Zambia, as a country on the African continent, has abundant natural resources and renewable energy potential. Zambia is expected to take a leading role in sustainable transportation by introducing electric vehicles and corresponding charging infrastructure. SCU EV chargers inject clean and efficient energy into shopping malls, helping Zambia accelerate the application of renewable energy.

Sustainable Development

The introduction of EV chargers in shopping malls not only provides consumers with more shopping options but also promotes the social responsibility of shopping malls. The construction of this clean transportation infrastructure will not only help improve urban air quality but also help promote the development of shopping malls in the direction of sustainable operations.


The EV charger provided by SCU for a shopping mall in Zambia, Africa, signify the boom of clean transportation in this country. In the future, with the construction of more charging infrastructure, electric vehicles will play a more important role in cities in African countries, opening a new chapter for Africa’s sustainable development. Help Africa move towards a cleaner and greener future.

As an excellent charging pile manufacturer with advanced technology and excellent strength, SCU has been committed to promoting the development of clean energy. SCU’s EV charger meet the charging needs of different types of electric vehicles. By leading the development of the EV charger industry globally, SCU provides customers with safe and convenient charging services and realizes the common vision of sustainable energy and clean transportation.

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