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EV chargers for HongKong CPO
26pcs DC EV Chargers for Hong Kong EV CPO Charge Point Operator

SCU’s technical engineers successfully installed and commissioned 26 pcs DC EV chargers for the Hong Kong CPO, including 12 pcs wall-mounted EV chargers and 14 pcs CCS EV chargers. They are used in different places to provide reliable services to CPOs and solve the charging problem for EV owners.

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car park EV charging station
SCU Provides A Turkish EV Charging Station Operator with Customized Charging Station Solution

SCU provides more than 100 EV chargers for local charging operators in Turkey. They adopt a modular structure and have a capacity covering 60/120/180/240KW. It provides charging station operation services at gas stations, parking lots, shopping malls, hospitals, airports, hotels, restaurants, residential areas, construction sites, commercial centers, educational institutions, and other places.

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EV charging station
EV Charging Station with Local Calculation for Oil Station Project

SCU provides EV chargers to the largest local EV charger operator to construct EV charging stations. According to the client’s Oil station project requirements, we have customized and developed the Local Calculation solution to enhance the user charging experience, bringing a new billing model and commercial value to the customer.

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ev charging station in Thailand
Public EV Charging Stations on Highways in Thailand

We collaborated with a backend systems company in Thailand to provide them with EVMS EV chargers. This partnership aimed to assist them in establishing a public charging station near a highway, offering charging services for electric vehicles travelling along the route.

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Microgrid System with Energy Storage and Charging Stations Applied in an African Factory

SCU provides an energy storage system (GRES) and EV charger microgrid system for a factory in Ethiopia to help the factory’s trams charge. The energy storage system reduces the impact of EV chargers on the power grid and can also save costs and increase profits for the factory.

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Ultra fast ev charger for BMW
SCU Provides Ultra Fast Liquid Cooling EV Charger for BMW China Production Site

SCU provides customized EVMS series ultra-fast liquid-cooling EV chargers for BMW’s electric car production site in China. The terminals comply with CCS2 and CHAdeMO standards, respectively. This set of EV chargers has been successfully installed in the factory parking lot to provide testing services for BMW’s newly developed electric vehicles.

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ev charger in Africa
CCS2 CHAdeMO EV charger for a Shopping Mall in Africa

SCU provides an EVMS EV charger for a shopping mall in Africa, which supports CCS2 and CHAdeMO standards, can meet the charging needs of different electric models, and provides shoppers with a clean and convenient charging experience for their electric vehicles.

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SCU EV charger and EVs in the RTN
SCU EV Charger for Royal Thai Navy’s Strategic Plan for Electrification of Vehicles

The Royal Thai Navy (RTN), according to its overall plan, has introduced a fleet of various types of electric buses and utility vehicles to aid in reducing pollution and conserving energy. After conducting product comparisons and testing, they have ultimately selected SCU’s EV chargers for recharging their government EVs.

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Energy storage and EV charger in German
An Off-grid Electric Vehicle Charging Station Solution with Clean Energy Power Supply to German Customers

Our German customer wants to install a DC fast EV charger in his factory, but there is no grid power supply. For this reason, we provide the customer with an off-grid EV charging station solution, that is, using a mobility energy storage system to power the charging piles. The energy storage system stores electrical energy in the photovoltaic power station and then goes to the charging station to release the stored energy to the charging pile to provide power for electric vehicles. This innovative move enables charging piles to be powered independently, no longer dependent on the power grid while ensuring the continuity of charging services.

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