DHL Logistics Vehicles achieves Zero Emission by SCU EV Charging Solution - EV Charging Stack + Charger Post - SCU

DHL Logistics Vehicles achieves Zero Emission by SCU EV Charging Solution – EV Charging Stack + Charger Post

“If the Charging solution remains unchanged, it can be foreseen that a huge amount of investment will be wasted in the future.”

Logistics plays a central role in the global economy and can greatly change the impact of business activities on the environment. As a world-renowned international logistics company, DHL has set a mission to achieve zero emissions by 2050, and is determined to become a pioneer in green logistics to determine and reduce emissions, to be more sustainable and eventually move towards a “circular economy”.

As a benchmark company in the global logistics industry, DHL has more stringent standards when selecting partners. In China, DHL chose to cooperate with Sicon Chat Union(SCU) to establish New Energy Logistics Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Beijing, Shenzhen, Xiamen, and Zhejiang.

In the construction of EV rapid charging stations, the first problem encountered is the high initial investment cost. SCU split type DC charging solution can output 8 charger posts at the same time for each DC charging stack, and the post size is only 320mm*280mm, which can save valuable parking space. Compared with the integrated EV charging pile, it can greatly reduce the initial investment in terms of equipment and land costs.

In the later operation and maintenance process, SCU modular design can also achieve product on-demand combination, which is easy to expand, move, maintain and quickly install and deploy. Through dynamic adjustment of system output, the module can work in the best state and save charging time 30%, module life is extended by 50%, system efficiency is increased by 3%.

Value-added services in the e-Mobility Solution are one of our highlights. They are small in size and high in efficiency, reducing equipment investment and operating costs. Through energy storage converter, we can achieve peak shaving and valley filling and priority use of new energy to improve the investment return ratio. At the same time, there are diversified benefits, such as charging service revenue, advertising revenue, value-added services, policy subsidies, etc.

At present, more and more SCU EV charging stations have been put into operation, and running safe and stable. The high-quality services of intelligent operation and convenient management provide power guarantee for tens of thousands of new energy logistics vehicles, allowing each logistics vehicle to shuttle freely among the tall buildings and country roads.

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