Carbon emission reduction | Europe Audi showroom embraces SCU EV charger solution

Europe Audi Showroom Embraces SCU EV Charger Solution

We take you on a journey to the super large-scale Audi showroom in Europe, where EV charger solution meets sustainable mobility.

This Audi showroom is located in Italy. It cooperates with Lombarda Motori. It is also a Hub. Vehicles are produced here and then distributed to different places. At the same time, the store’s architecture is very special, and its walls are photovoltaic panels, reflecting its new energy and environmental protection concept not only reflected in the products but implemented everywhere.

Immerse yourself in the luxurious ambiance of the Audi showroom while witnessing the integration of SCU’s Satellite EV Charger into the premium automotive experience. See how technology and elegance seamlessly come together.

SCU EV charger at Europe‘s largest Audi showroom


We recommended our Satellite EV charger (360kw EV charging stack with 8 units EV charging posts), which supports OCPP1.6J, with smart charging and dynamic load balancing function. The charger balances the total available power to the multiple loads automatically. Clients do not need to configure anything; it does all by itself automatically.

SCU EV charging stack at Audi

We also developed a Modbus communication function according to their needs (They can use their own developed platform to control the power of EV chargers in real-time) so that EV chargers can realize charging management and power limit function through Modbus communication.

As a new energy company, we also have solar storage charging solution. Our products are exported worldwide, and we are committed to contributing to global green transportation. Contact us at

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