EV Charging Station with Local Calculation for Oil Station Project

EV Charging Station with Local Calculation for Oil Station Project


Our customer is the largest local EV charging station operator and has been committed to building reliable and efficient charging infrastructure to meet the growing demand for electric vehicle charging. In the process of pursuing innovation and service excellence, they realized that the traditional EV charging station method had some shortcomings and could not meet the personalized needs of users.

EV charging station

In order to improve user experience, increase charging station utilization, and take a leading position in market competition, they seek to cooperate with SCU. As an EV charging station solution provider, SCU has become their preferred partner with its excellent technical strength and rich industry experience.


According to the operation modes of different customer sites, we provide customers with a total of 30 EVMS EV chargers of different powers. The powers of these EV chargers are 30KW, 60KW, 120KW, 180KW, and 240KW respectively, and they all adopt CCS1+GB/T dual-gun configuration.

EVMS series EV chargers support OCPP1.6J, are efficient and stable, can realize intelligent charging and flexible power distribution, and meet the high-density charging needs of vehicles at charging stations.

EVMS DC EV charger

SCU not only provides customers with high-quality EV charger equipment but also customizes and develops a Local Calculation solution based on the customer’s oil station project needs so that EV chargers can be charged like gas stations without the need for cumbersome bill payment processes. It improves charging efficiency and provides users with a more convenient charging experience. It brings new billing models and business value to customers.

Pubilc EV charging station


There is an endless stream of vehicles at the charging station. After one vehicle is charged, the next vehicle will quickly fill the space for charging, ensuring efficient utilization of EV chargers and achieving “zero idleness” of EV chargers. This efficient operating model greatly improves the service level of charging stations and meets users’ needs for charging convenience and efficiency.

Pubilc EV charging station

SCU’s successful practice in this project not only set a new benchmark for local charging stations but also brought a new operating concept to the global charging industry. As a leader in the field of charging solutions, SCU will continue to innovate, promote the development of the EV charger industry, improve user experience, and help customers achieve greater success in market competition.

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