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An Off-grid Electric Vehicle Charging Station Solution with Clean Energy Power Supply to German Customers

German EV Charging Market

Germany is a country that actively promotes renewable energy and clean transportation. In order to achieve the goal of “carbon neutrality”, the energy and transportation departments have made efforts to achieve environmental protection and climate goals.

Recently, the number of electric vehicles in Germany has been increasing rapidly, and it is confident in achieving the production target of electric vehicles: by 2030, there will be 15 million electric vehicles on the road in Germany.

Challenge —— No grid power supply

As the number of electric vehicles continues to increase, there is also a challenge: the construction speed of fast charging infrastructure cannot keep up with the rapid popularity of electric vehicles. This is because electricity supplies cannot meet the rapidly growing demand for electric vehicle charging, and planning and implementation of new charging facilities takes a long time.

Solution —— Off-grid scenario PV + Batteries DC type of charging stations

Our German customer wants to install a DC fast EV charger in his factory, but there is no grid power supply. For this reason, we provide the customer with an off-grid EV charging station solution, that is, using a mobility energy storage system to power the EV chargers.

Energy storage and EV charger in German

The customer’s factory installed an EVMS-180 EV charger and used GRES-300-200 as a mobility energy storage power source. The energy storage system stores electric energy in the photovoltaic power station and then goes to the charging station to release the stored energy to the charging pile to provide electric power. The car provides electricity. This innovative move enables charging piles to be powered independently, no longer dependent on the power grid while ensuring the continuity of charging services.

EV Charger users for German customers

This collaboration not only helps customers achieve their needs to reduce carbon emissions but also reflects our shared goals in sustainable energy and environmental protection. If there is no grid for your EV charger and you also need an off-grid energy power supply, please contact us at We look forward to working with you to shape a more sustainable and green energy future.

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