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Public EV Charging Stations on Highways in Thailand

With Thailand’s growing demand for new energy, SCU, as a charging station manufacturer, once again contributes to sustainable development. Recently, SCU partnered with a Thai company specializing in backend systems and automation to establish a modern public charging station along a highway in Thailand. This initiative addresses the shortage of EV chargers in Thailand, providing an EV charging solution to promote the adoption of electric cars and the utilization of renewable energy. It supports Thailand in achieving new breakthroughs in the field of new energy.

EV charging station next to the highway
EV charging station next to the highway

Based on the total number of electric vehicles in Thailand, which is about 100,000, the ratio of existing electric vehicles to EV chargers is about 20:3, which means that an average of 20 electric vehicles share 3 EV chargers. The number of EV chargers is obviously not enough to meet the charging demand. In this context, EV chargers have become an important demand for electric vehicle users.

Our customers recognized this challenge and acted quickly. In order to fill the gap in charging infrastructure, they invested in and built a modern public charging station on a highway in Thailand. This move not only cares for electric vehicle users but also supports the country’s sustainable transportation development.

To ensure the efficient operation of charging stations and provide convenient services to electric vehicle users, our customers chose SCU’s EVMS EV charger as the core equipment. EVMS stands out for its excellent performance and intelligent design, providing users with a fast and safe charging experience.

EVMS in EV Charging Station
EVMS in EV Charging Station

EVMS DC EV Charger

SCU’s EVMS series DC fast EV chargers have demonstrated excellent performance and multiple advantages in the application of Thai highway charging stations. First of all, its efficient and fast charging capabilities provide electric vehicle users with a fast and convenient charging experience. This is particularly important for car owners who drive long distances, greatly shortening charging time and improving driving convenience and efficiency.

Secondly, SCU’s EV chargers are equipped with an intelligent management system, which can realize remote monitoring and operation management. This enables intelligent scheduling and operation of charging stations, improving overall reliability and stability. For charging station operators, this means more efficient resource utilization and lower operating costs.

In addition, SCU’s EV chargers also pay attention to user experience, adopt a humanized design, and are easy to operate. The intuitive interface and user-friendly operation process make it easy for car owners to get started, improving the ease of use and universality of the device.

SCU engineer are installing EVMS
SCU engineer are installing EVMS

In summary, SCU’s EVMS series DC fast EV chargers are used in Thailand’s highway charging stations. With their advantages in efficient, fast charging, intelligent management and user-friendliness, they have greatly contributed to the popularization of electric vehicles. Thailand’s new energy industry made a positive contribution to development.

SCU has always adhered to sustainable development, and by providing advanced charging technology to Thailand, it is committed to promoting the country’s clean and efficient energy utilization and making positive contributions to environmental protection. We believe that with the vigorous development of Thailand’s new energy industry, SCU will continue to play its role and make unremitting efforts to create a better green future for Thailand.

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