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SCU&China Potevio join hands for Public EV fast-charging Station in China

China Potevio is a central government enterprise with information and communication product manufacturing, trade, related technology research and services as its main businesses. Its business scope covers information and communication, radio and television, industry informatization, financial electronics and new energy industries.

As the core EV charger supplier of China Potevio, Sicon Chat Union(SCU) has successively provided large quantities of DC fast charger stations in full power ranges, among which, there are 1700 sets of DPM series EV power module in total, and 680 sets of EVDS series Electric Car Charging Stations (GB/T).

EVDS series integrated type DC charger pile is an intelligent all-in-one DC charging pile system launched by SCU to meet market needs. It adopts advanced modular structure design concepts and cutting-edge electronic circuit technology, integrated power conversion, DC 001 charger output control logic with the customer HMI, and is widely used in public charging stations, commercial centers, residential communities, public transportation groups, expressway service areas, renewable energy charging stations, and emergency power supply for electric vehicles.

SCU Electric Vehicle Charging Station has excellent performance indicators, a wide range of AC power input, suitable for various complex grid environments; ultra-wide output voltage range to meet various vehicle charging needs, wide range of constant power, greatly shortening the charging time; overall AC/DC higher efficiency up to 95.5%, reduce operation loss and improve efficiency. For many years, both parties keeps maintaining close cooperation relationship, making full use of their respective product and R&D advantages, join strengths together to achieve a win-win situation.

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