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SCU DC fast charger station launched at Huanghua Harbor

“Qualified Electric Vehicle Charging Station must withstand any environment.”

Huanghua Harbor is located on the coast of the Bohai Sea in Huanghua City, Hebei Province. Coal is everywhere in the 20-square-kilometer port area. In September 2019, a special landscape appear in this dusty area. Sicon Chat Union(SCU) all-in-one type EV charges were installed, standing in rows to provide power guarantee for the pure EV fleets of the Harbor.

Dust pollution is a chronic disease in the port area and a hidden danger to the long-term operation of chademo EV charger. SCU integrated DC fast chargers have a protective level of IP55. The module adopts a PM2.5 dust-proof net to effectively block dust. It is placed vertically inside the system, and the air flow in from the bottom and flow out from top to ensure that the charging module does not accumulate dust. At the same time, the air-cooling mode is adopted, with independent heat dissipation ducts, and the power dissipation is separated from the control circuit to ensure that the control circuit is partly dust-free, the design completely isolates the potential danger of the charger under dusty environment.

Large temperature difference, cold wave and freezing damage, strong wind, high temperature… The unique natural climate of Huanghua Harbor poses new challenges for DC charging pile. In the face of a large temperature difference environment, the national requirement for EVSE is -20℃~50℃, while we made our charger -20℃~60℃. Multiple temperature sensors are used to intelligently control the heater through the CPU, which changes from passive to active, it further enhances the life and safety performance of EVSE. In product design, the metal enclosure is flame-retardant and fire-retardant. Each part adopts upgraded anti-corrosion materials and anti-corrosion technology. The ultra-standard meeting the anti-corrosion environment is the C3-M level required by ISO12944.

Accompanied by storms, high humidity, and dust day and night, adjacent to the blue sky, white clouds, and sea waves and beaches, SCU electric car charging stations line up one by one, leading Huanghua Harbor from industrial civilization to ecological civilization.

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