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SCU High Power Charging System Installed at Bus Station

“Charge for 10 minutes, run 180 kilometers…”

Last year, the first batch of e-buses were officially put into operation in Shijiazhuang, Hebei . The sky-blue body and grass-green seats heralded the arrival of the zero-emission era. With less harsh noises and pungent exhaust emissions on the road, we have taken a big step towards the smart city of the future.

Although new energy buses are very popular, imperfect charging equipment has become a development problem. Sicon Chat Union(SCU) worked with Yinlong Group built the High Power Charging Station for Shijiazhuang Bus Company. 40pcs of high power charging fully guarantee the daily charging needs of new energy vehicles.

“Bus travels roughly 14 hours a day and more than 200 kilometers.” Continuous and uninterrupted driving requires sufficient power, DC fast charging solution is the primary condition. SCU electric vehicle DC fast charger covers 15KW-360KW, wide-range constant power, ultra fast charging speed, which can greatly shorten the charging time. The bus can be fully charged within 10 minutes during driver break, and support long range of 180 kilometers. Drivers will no longer need to worry about the e-bus “Broken down” on the road.

“Full charge in 10 minutes, charging can be continued after 3 minutes interval.” High-frequency use puts forward higher requirements on the quality of HPC charging piles. SCU HPC have a wide AC power input range and can adapt to various complex grids. The environment also has annual protection functions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, output short circuit, and leakage protection. In terms of external structure, it has an independent cooling air duct, protection grade IP55, and a metal enclosed shell, which creates a solid protective shell for the operation of the system.

New energy buses are more green, low-carbon and environmentally friendly, and are warmly welcomed by the citizens. SCU is also highly recognized by Yinlong Group by the excellent performance of the EVSE and its perfect services, we established a long-term cooperative relationship.

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