EV Charging Solution for a Turkish EV Charging Station Operator

SCU Provides A Turkish EV Charging Station Operator with Customized Charging Station Solution


Turkey saw a tenfold increase in electric vehicle sales last year, indicating significant growth potential in its electric vehicle market. It is projected that sales will increase substantially by 2024, with corresponding rapid development in supporting infrastructure such as charging stations.

Turkey is taking significant steps in establishing a network of charging stations, with the number of charging stations increasing exponentially almost every month. The latest data shows that there are a total of 10,100 public charging points across all 81 provinces in Turkey, with 2,800 of them supporting fast charging. Turkey ranks first in Europe in terms of the number of DC charging stations per vehicle, with approximately one DC charging station for every 14 vehicles.

SCU EV chargers in an Underground Car Park

One local charging station operator in Turkey, known for its high market share and visibility in the electric vehicle charging infrastructure sector, collaborated with SCU to enhance the coverage and efficiency of its charging station network. The goal was to enable users to easily locate charging stations through a mobile application. Through this collaboration, the operator obtained a customized charging station solution.

EV Charging Station Solution

Our client, one of the operators in Turkey, holds a “Charging Network Operator License” and operates charging stations in various locations including gas stations, parking lots, shopping centers, hospitals, airports, hotels, restaurants, residential areas, construction sites, commercial centers, and educational institutions.

Our team closely collaborated with the client to understand its business model, target user groups, and operating environment, thus tailoring the best EV charging solution. For different scenarios, we provided the client with over 100 EV chargers, with capacities ranging from 60/120/180/240KW. The EV chargers feature a modular design and support rich communication interfaces, allowing seamless integration with the client’s mobile application for easy access and use by users.

SCU EV chargers near a hospital

Operational Effects

Through collaboration with SCU, the client achieved the expansion and optimization of its charging station network, improving user access to electric vehicle charging facilities. The diversity and flexibility of the EV chargers allowed the client to customize configurations according to the needs of different locations, further enhancing the quality and efficiency of charging services. Moreover, the efficient stability and intelligent charging functions of these EV chargers provided a reliable foundation for the client’s charging business, contributing positively to the popularization and development of electric vehicles.

Customer Review

The EV chargers provided by SCU are fantastic! They not only provide great value but also bring tremendous benefits to our charging station network. The diversity and flexibility of these EV chargers allow us to provide the most suitable charging solutions for users in various scenarios, whether it’s at gas stations, parking lots, shopping centers, hospitals, or hotels.

Additionally, we are deeply impressed by the quality and stability of SCU EV chargers. They consistently maintain efficient and stable operations, providing users with reliable charging services. User feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with users expressing a great experience in finding and using our charging stations through our mobile application, further enhancing our overall user experience.

Overall, the EV chargers provided by SCU have brought significant value and benefits to our operator. We are highly satisfied with this collaboration and believe that we will continue to work with SCU in the future to jointly promote the development of the charging industry and provide better charging services to users.

SCU is committed to providing customized charging solutions for charging station operators, helping them further improve charging infrastructure and enhance market competitiveness. Our team collaborates closely with clients to tailor the best charging solutions based on their specific business needs and market positioning. Additionally, SCU actively monitors industry trends and technological innovations in the charging sector, continuously updating and optimizing our solutions to provide electric vehicle users with more convenient, efficient, and reliable charging services.

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