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Four core requirements of EV charging power module

With the new round of infrastructure investment in EV charging piles and the popularity of electric vehicles, the charging business is centered on high-power charging. The core of fast charging infrastructure is DC fast charging pile, and EV charging module is the core of EV charging station and the core of public charging infrastructure. There are four important requirements here.

Product life cycle issues

The current voltage and power of DC  fast EV charger post can not meet the long-term evolution of future electric vehicles. In the future, it needs to have both high current and high voltage to meet the charging requirements of commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles. If we do not meet the future development, the investment uncertainty of new infrastructure charging pile will increase, and the product life cycle will be relatively short.

SCU, as a professional EV charger manufacturer and supplier, provide 30kw/20kw/15kw EV charger module, which have passed CE certification. Optional output 500Vdc, 750Vdc, 1000Vdc. 30kw and 15kw power modules meet GB/T、CCS1、CCS2、CHAdeMO protocol for portable EV charger, wallbox EV charger.

DC fast EV charger and EV charging stack to charge various car, such as BMW, Volkswagen, GM, Porsche, Audi, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Citroen, Kia, Renault, Daimler, Tesla, Smart, Mercedes, Jaguar, Bolt, Tata Nexon. 20kw power module meets Bharat dc-001 protocol for Bharat EV dc charger (bevc-dc001) in India market.

Cost of dc fast charger module

With the maturity and scale expansion of EV charging station, the cost of DC fast charging module is also decreasing. In 2019, the minimum cost of DC fast charging module will be reduced to 0.4 RMB / W. With the improvement of fast charging power, the whole cost needs to be further reduced. In this process, the specification change of DC fast charging module is an important factor.

After entering the charging industry, SCU has carried out a lot of development on the charging module used by the charging pile, which is used for our own EV charger, also export to other country such as Korea, Poland, Sri Lanka, India, Ukraine etc.. forming a series of products such as 15kw, 20kW, 30kW EV charger power module and low-voltage 20kW EV charging module, meeting different parameter levels and different applications. Among them, the cost of 30kW ev charger module is competitive.

EV charging module efficiency

For dc fast charging station, to improve the overall profit, it is very important to reduce the cost. In the operation process after the construction of the station, the electricity charge accounts for the largest proportion of the whole expenditure, so for different vehicle needs, it puts forward high requirements for the actual efficiency of the ev charging module.

SCU 30kw EV charger power module has a wide output voltage range and constant power range, the THDI is less than 3%, and the input power factor is as high as 0.99, which can greatly improve the EV charger efficiency and reduce the demand cost.

Maintenance and software management

At present, the fault of DC fast charging module is the major factor of charging pile damage, so it is very important to carry out maintenance after effective fault diagnosis. The untimely abnormal maintenance will lead to poor overall charging experience and affect customer satisfaction. SCU ev charger power module is in parallel inside the charger. If failure, you can pull it out and change a spare module.

SCU EV charger module

power module for bharat ev charger dc-001
power module for bharat ev charger dc-001

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