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Gas stations and charging stations integration- Make Vehicle Charging become simple

Recently We received many orders from different countries who want buy the DC fast chargers which will install in gas station, and most are government project which with a large demand.
Gas stations are an indispensable infrastructure for every country around the world. Providing necessary guarantee for travel and plays a vital role in the development of the whole transportation industry. But now with the continuous improvement of the penetration rate of electric vehicles, the market demand for charging posts is increasing rapidly. Electric vehicles have become a new means of travel. At the same time, the relationship between electric vehicles and charging posts is similar to that between traditional vehicles and gas stations. To develop electric vehicles, hardware supporting facilities are also needed as support. Especially the installation of DC fast chargers.

DC fast charger

But why the governments of many countries prefer to install charging stations at gas stations?
Firstly, The construction of corresponding electric vehicle charging posts in gas stations not only effectively avoids the trouble of adding charging stations, but also promotes the optimal allocation of resources and saves costs. In terms of the actual situation of current development, gas stations have formed a relatively complete system after a period of development, and the corresponding convenient facilities are more and more perfect. The addition of charging piles in gas stations not only enriches and improves the functions of traditional gas stations, but also insignificantly promotes the popularization of electric vehicles. If traditional cars can be replaced by electric vehicles, the environmental pollution caused by cars will be fundamentally solved, and the problem of oil and natural gas energy consumption will also be alleviated.

DC fast charger

Secondly, It is beneficial to give full play to the advantages of the geographical location of gas stations. The main purpose of adding electric vehicle charging stations in gas stations is to provide services to users of electric vehicles. Although gas stations are located far away from residential areas, they are generally located in areas with high traffic flow. Adding charging piles here occupies the geographical advantage of gas stations and can provide services for more people.
Thirdly, It has opened up a broader development space for gas stations. As a traditional place for people to provide travel support and services. The integration of charging pile facilities in gas stations is equivalent to providing a new service function for gas stations and promoting the upgrading and improvement of service content of gas stations. Not only that, with the continuous development and progress of The Times, technology is also constantly transforming, and people’s consumption channels and consumption methods will change.
SCU, we are a manufacturer of DC fast charger, have our own R&D team and full production line of the product, with a wide range from 30kw-360kw. Which is very suitable install in highway rest stops, gas stations, airport etc, where the electric vehicle need fast charge need. And our DC fast chargers are designed to be durable, reliable, modular and easy to service. It supports the open communication protocol OCPP 1.6 J , support password, APP scan and RFID Card to start/stop charging and settlement of expenses. It is really a good choose if you have similar installation project. If you interested in our product, welcome your inquiry us!

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