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Hybrid Micro-Grid Solution

This is a set of integrated systems combining a hybrid inverter with energy storage battery, which could connect the grid and solar PV as the source of electricity. Solar panels will produce energy during the day for self-consumption and charge batteries. The energy storage system will output energy to power supply the load during the night.
Different from traditional PV generation, the significance of SCU PV generation + ESS solution is solving technical difficulties, diversified income, and additional value-added functions.


Key features:
a)Power dynamic increase
When you need a power supply capacity increase, there will be slow process, long time and high cost. Energy storage could be a better solution.

b)Peak shaving
With the deepening of power reform, the expansion of peak valley price difference will become a trend.

c)Improving power quality
By dynamically adjusting reactive power, the reactive power loss is compensated. The reactive power can be adjusted to more than 0.95.

Using solar energy to generate electricity, saving and earning you money.

Working modes:

On-grid mode:
When load is larger, the load can be supplied by Solar, genset, or genset+battery.
Off-grid mode:
When the load is smaller, the genset could be off and the load is powered by battery only.

  1. BAT SOC>Setting point, PV>Load: Firstly, Load supply, then extra energy can be stored in BAT
  2. BAT SOC>Setting point, PV<Load: PV+BAT together to supply the load
  3. BAT SOC<Setting point: DG started through Dry contact, Firstly Load supply, then extra energy can be stored in BAT.


  1. Saving diesel generator investment, the load can be supplied by genset+battery.
  2. Saving diesel consummation, the genset can be off when the load is small and powered by battery.
  3. Solar energy consumption, store the extra solar energy and use it at night time.
  4. 24/7 uninterrupted power supply and seamless switching make sure the load will not lose.

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