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How SCU helps fast charger operator

With the popularity and promotion of electric vehicles around the world, the demand for charging stations in the auto industry is also growing rapidly. According to the latest “Global Electric Vehicle Outlook 2022” report released by the International Energy Agency, global electric vehicle sales will account for more than 30% of global vehicle sales in 2030. In terms of charging infrastructure, the amount of public charging infrastructure announced may not be sufficient to support the size of the electric vehicle market in 2030. In response to this situation, countries have introduced relevant policies to accelerate the construction of new energy vehicle infrastructure.

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EV Charging station operators are not only the investment & construction and operation & maintenance of charging station business, but also provide users with the operation and management mode of charging service.
As an operator, the source of its sales revenue can be the service fee and operation & maintenance fee generated by customers using the networked charging stations; it can also be the sales of networked charging station products; it can also be charging fees.
With the rapid development of the Internet, the commercial value of charging stations is not only reflected in the charging business, but also includes advertising, insurance, finance, car sales, 4S value-added services, and big data of the automobile industry with charging piles as the entrance. As the entrance to the Internet of Vehicles and smart grid, charging stations are even given multiple identities such as “data collectors” and “data analysts”. It can be said that the development prospect of charging station operation is immeasurable.

In addition, models such as “charging station + service”, “charging APP + intelligent management” and “vehicle manufacturer + operator + stakeholder” are also profit models for charging station operation.
EV charging stations have developed from only providing charging services at the beginning, to today has become a multi-functional product integrating charging, networking, and value-added services.
With the rapid development of the industrialization of new energy vehicles, the development of charging stations will also change with each passing day. For charging station production and operation enterprises, only by continuously innovating the operation mode according to the development of the industry can the pace of realizing profitability be accelerated.
SCU, as a Chinese enterprise specializing in research, development and production of ev charging station products, is willing to cooperate with domestic and foreign operators to provide powerful charging station products for the charging needs of more and more electric vehicle consumers and fleets. In addition, SCU also provides strong technical and after-sales support to solve the worries for operators.

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