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How to select a EV charger, SCU tell you

Now the number of electric vehicles in the world is increasing, and EV charger in some public places have emerged. Since zero emission is advocated now, there will be more and more trams and more EV charger in public places. How should we choose EV charger? Please continue reading this article.
How to select a EV charger
From the user’s perspective, the faster the charging, the better. If the charging time of the electric vehicle is too long, it will inevitably affect the user experience. If the DC EV charger is used, the charging can be completed in about 1 hour at most. If the AC EV charger is used, it may take 6-10 hours to complete the charging.
From the perspective of installation, the installation cost of DC EV charger is relatively high, and the line laying cost is even higher than the equipment cost. The AC EV charger can be used with 220V power supply. The maximum charging power of AC EV charger is 7KW, and the charging power of DC EV charger is generally 60KW to 80KW. The input current of a single gun can reach 150A-200A, which is a huge test for the power supply line. Common community converters can’t bring several such EV chargers, and even one can’t be installed in the old community. The charging power of some large vehicle DC EV chargers can reach 120KW to 160KW, and the charging current can reach 250A. The construction line requirements are very strict, and the load requirements of the power distribution cabinet are very high.
Therefore, from the perspective of users, they prefer to use DC EV chargers. The DC EV charger controlled first is a good choice.

EV charger

Highlights of SCU DC EV charger
1、The installation cost of the SCU DC EV charger is low, which can meet the user’s budget cost; It can be installed anywhere, and the floor area will be reduced by 40%, and the cost will be reduced by 30%;
2、Relying on the core technical advantages in the field of fast charging, the SCU EV charger uses a new generation of power modules internally. The power of a single module is up to 30KW, and the DC output voltage is 300-1000VDC. Under the same demand for charging power, it can output higher current, which can shorten the charging time;
3、In terms of charging strategy, the split DC charging system is equipped with intelligent distribution function, which can intelligently distribute power according to the requirements of the vehicle BMS, greatly improving the charging efficiency;
4、The safety of fast charging needs to be improved both inside and outside. The protection grade of the SCU EV charger is IP54, and the metal enclosed shell can play the role of flame retardant, fireproof, explosion-proof and moisture-proof;
5、It has a unique heat dissipation system with separate cold and hot air ducts. The power module has an independent heat dissipation air duct, which is separated from the control circuit heat dissipation. It can adapt to a wide temperature range, improve the heat dissipation efficiency, and is safer and more reliable.

DC charging system

SCU the strength group
Focusing on the development and application of power electronics technology and adhering to the concept of sustainable development in the world, SCU has formed three major product systems with data center infrastructure, new energy vehicle EV charger and integrated energy storage products as the core, and its business covers more than 50 countries and regions around the world.
SCU successfully applied for more than 100 technical patents, filled in the gaps in many fields of the industry, won the honorary titles of “Double High and Double Soft Enterprise”, “Hebei province of China Science and Technology Center Enterprise”, “Top Ten Enterprise”, “Top Ten Leading Person”, “Hebei province of China Enterprise Technology Center”, etc. for many consecutive years, and won the Science and Technology Progress Award.
SCU the DC EV charger to upgrade again and again, constantly improve various functions, until now the perfect posture, have you been caught by it?

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