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Installation Conditions of EV Charger for Home Electric Vehicles

At present, EV charger are becoming more and more popular, and EV charger and charging stations are set up in many places. Families who buy electric cars also have household electric car charging piles, but there are also conditions for installing household EV charger. Let’s take a look!

Check whether it has the installation conditions for EV charger

Before installing the EV charging pile, the user needs to investigate whether the parking space has the installation conditions. The key question is whether the parking space can be connected to the national grid line.

The most direct and effective method is to communicate with the property. The property will briefly understand the occupied area, electric vehicle charging pile installation plan, power demand, and so on. You don’t need to be confused about these issues. You can find the staff responsible for the professional EV charger to communicate with the property.

What is the power supply attribute of EV charger in family community

Some communities use electricity from the National Grid directly, while others use commercial electricity. Each of these two types of electricity has its own advantages and disadvantages. High power EV charger are powered by ordinary residents. This kind of electricity is very troublesome. The user first applies for the national grid connection. After passing the review, the national grid will arrange employees to connect at the door. The price is relatively cheap, and the price of ordinary residents.

Although the price of commercial electricity in residential areas is much higher than that of civil electricity, its advantage is that the process is relatively simple, and the electricity can be negotiated directly with the property.

Types of EV charger

Generally, it is necessary to determine the installation type of the charging pile according to the installation conditions of the self-charging pile. At present, home EV charger are roughly divided into wall-mounted EV charger and floor-standing EV charger.

The advantages of wall-mounted charging piles are space-saving and cheap, but the wall-mounted charging piles can only be installed on the wall that can be wired, and the vertical charging piles occupy a large space and the price is relatively high, but there are no restrictions on the installation location. Therefore, the user can choose according to the installation conditions of the house.

After understanding the above 3 points, you can apply to set up a household charging station. From the application for the installation of household charging piles to the actual use of the charging piles, three steps are required: application, review of materials, and installation engineering.

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