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Significance of Developing Lithium-ion Battery Energy Storage System

The significance of developing lithium-ion battery energy storage system

The application of lithium battery energy storage can change the traditional energy supply mode, which is of great significance to promote the transformation of energy structure, the consumer-side energy revolution, ensure energy security and achieve energy conservation and emission reduction goals.

The development of energy storage has received widespread attention and support from various industries and fields such as government authorities, power systems, new energy, and transportation.

The driving force of the lithium-ion battery energy storage market

The important driving force of the lithium ion UPS systems lies in four aspects. The first is policy orientation. The state has issued relevant energy storage guidelines, which have also accelerated the demonstration and application of the lithium battery energy storage industry.

The second is that the development of power lithium batteries in recent years has led to the simultaneous development of energy storage batteries. The third is the requirements of the basic structure of the product. Up to now, the performance, parameters, capacity, and indicators of the energy storage system are specific to our battery energy storage. The development of system technology has played a very important role in promoting.

The fourth is the energy reform to promote the establishment of the energy Internet, and solar battery storage solutions are a key industry in the energy Internet.

The lithium-ion battery energy storage system realizes the functions of electric energy storage, peak shaving and valley filling, and suppression of new energy output fluctuations in distributed power generation and microgrid systems, which are indispensable links in the system.

Broad market for lithium-ion battery energy storage system

With the continuous development of lithium battery technology and the strong support of various countries in the world for lithium-ion batteries and new energy technologies, large scale battery energy storage systems have been increasingly developed and applied.

The energy storage market includes large-scale power storage, household energy storage, and backup power storage. Under the existing technology, the cost performance of lithium-ion batteries in the field of back-up power storage has been significantly improved, and the fields of back-up power and home energy storage are more suitable fields for the application of lithium-ion batteries at this stage.

Among them, the market for energy storage is particularly broad, especially in the field of backup power storage. The future market potential of lithium-ion battery energy storage is unlimited.

With the development and wide application of various lithium-ion battery energy storage technologies such as lithium ion ups rack mount in the future, energy storage batteries will be applied to all aspects of the power system, which may change the existing power system production, transportation and the using method. It can help the traditional power system to transform into a new generation of power system with extensive interconnection, intelligent interaction, flexibility, safety and control.

New energy storage battery technology has become the current research and development hotspot and technological frontier. In the future, it is expected to greatly improve the performance of energy storage lithium-ion batteries and promote the large-scale application of lithium-ion battery energy storage systems.

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