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SCU 300kw EV charger to charge the heavy truck in Delong Steel

ev charger for heavy truck

At the beginning of 2022, heavy trucks of Tangshan Delong Steel Company were orderly arranged around the EV charging station to charge, which marks that bulk logistics and transportation have entered a new stage of greening, electrification and intelligence. The charging station is a fast charging solution tailored by SCU for heavy trucks. It aims to provide reliable, efficient and convenient charging services and become a green power source for Delong Steel’s energy transformation.

300kw ev charger

“With the logistics and transportation of bulk goods entering the era of green emission reduction, Delong steel has vigorously promoted the application of new energy electric heavy trucks in clean road transportation.” According to the person in charge, after the completion of the charging station, each charging pile will operate for more than 10 hours a day, charging 2000-3000 degrees. The long-time and efficient operation puts forward more stringent requirements for the safety and reliability of the EV charger, which is also the reason why Delong steel chose SCU after strict screening.

In this project, there are 30 sets 300kw EV charger in total with feathers of IP55, 30kw EV power module, wide output voltage, 95.5% efficiency etc. The two guns could charge for one heavy truck, which could save half the charging time. The intelligent management system integrates power conversion, charging control, management, query, display and background communication. Through communication with the vehicle management system, the intelligent control of the entire charging process is realized. Maintenance and operation are more convenient and efficient.

In addition to this 300kw EV charger for heavy truck, SCU also has other EV chargers such as CCS2, CHAdeMO standard. Welcome to contact us by email and Tel 86-311-85903762.

Sicon Chat Union (SCU) was founded in 2003 with a vision of building sustainable future. We are focused on the development and application of power electronic technology, the core vision is to implementing the concept of sustainable product development on a global scale. We help our clients alter industries and markets, utilizing clean energy on the daily lives of billions of people. Uninterrupted power system, EV quick charger and Energy storage system are the three key products of us. SCU’s success is driven by excellent groups of people, spreading business more than 50 countries and regions around the world.

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