SCU Mobile Energy Storage Power Supply Vehicle Delivers Carbon-Neutral Push to the 19th Asian Games - SCU

SCU Mobile Energy Storage Power Supply Vehicle Delivers Carbon-Neutral Push to the 19th Asian Games

On September 23, the 19th Asian Games opened in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. To ensure the smooth progress of this event, SCU’s flexible and stable energy storage system supply vehicles provided instant power support for the Hangzhou Asian Games. This marks another significant power supply support for a large-scale international event by SCU, following its previous contributions to the Beijing Olympics, APEC meetings, Winter Olympics, and other international gatherings.

the 19th Asian Games

Reportedly, as the officially designated vehicle for this event, the system can promptly charge vehicles for transporting materials, picking up and dropping off personnel, and emergency rescue and fire-fighting vehicles. It can also serve as an emergency power source, seamlessly switch power supply, and ensure the normal operation of the site.

SCU mobile energy storage power supply vehicle in the 19th Asian Games.

The theme of this Asian Games is “Green Asian Games,” focusing on carbon neutrality. Venue construction incorporates new materials and emphasizes recyclability. All projects aim to minimize carbon emissions to the greatest extent possible, aligning with SCU’s product design philosophy. The energy storage system supply vehicles are built on green energy technology, with a single vehicle featuring a 250 kW/663.552 kWh LFP battery energy storage system, including LiFePO4 battery, DC EV charger, and bidirectional inverters, among other configurations. It can not only ensure power supply but also offers peak shaving, dynamic capacity expansion, and other functions.

The system’s design strictly adheres to the important principle of “safety above all.” It is characterized by rapid response, high maneuverability, strong mobility, and high safety performance, providing secure and reliable power support for numerous large-scale events.

SCU energy storage system supply vehicles provide instant and secure power supply, adhere to the low-carbon energy-saving concept, and contribute to the successful hosting of the 19th Asian Games. In the future, SCU will continue to uphold the principles of sustainable development, working together to build a community with a shared future for mankind.

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