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SCU UPS service Beijing Olympic Winter Games

On February 4, the beginning of spring day, the 24th Beijing Olympic Winter Games, which attracted worldwide attention, opened grandly, playing the strong voice of unity of “Together for a Shared Future”, and the Olympic torch lit up the world’s first ” Dual Olympic City “. The Olympic athletes have made great achievements in the competition; All support work was carried out in an orderly and stable manner, so that the Winter Olympic Games were held as scheduled and at a high level under the challenge of the epidemic, demonstrating China’s wisdom and vitality to the world.

How fortunate that SCU was able to participate in it. In the special cable TV network project of the Winter Olympics, SCU provided the uninterruptible power supply products for the Olympic Village venues. It is reported that the Winter Olympics cable TV network is a cable TV network dedicated to serving the Winter Olympics, including more than 20 sets of high-definition live broadcast programs, as well as more than 10 sets of programs from national media such as China Central Radio and Television Station and more than 10 sets of programs. A set of overseas media programs, covering all terminals of the Winter Olympics cable TV network, allows friends from all over the world to enjoy high-quality cable TV services.

The various events of the Winter Olympics are in full swing, and the world is turning its attention to Beijing. People feel the joy and passion brought by the Winter Olympics, and see China’s cultural heritage and advanced technology. Behind this, high-quality event service guarantee work is inseparable, and a large number of enterprises provide equipment supply and operation guarantee work. As a part of the power security system, SCU goes all out to contribute to ensuring safe transmission, so that everyone can watch the program and witness every highlight moment that belongs to us.

Sicon Chat Union (SCU) was founded in 2003 with a vision of building sustainable future. We are focused on the development and application of power electronic technology, the core vision is to implementing the concept of sustainable product development on a global scale. We help our clients alter industries and markets, utilizing clean energy on the daily lives of billions of people. Uninterrupted power system, Electric vehicle fast charger and Energy storage system are the three key products of us. SCU’s success is driven by excellent groups of people, spreading business more than 50 countries and regions around the world.

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