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SCU “Solar PV+Storage+Charger” integrated charging stations in Africa

Under the background of vigorously promoting new energy vehicles around the world, the EV charger industry has entered a bright moment. The “new EV charging stations” use solar energy to generate electricity, and with the help of the energy storage system, it provides convenient charging services for new energy vehicles and increases multiple benefits, widely favored by the market. By the end of 2021, SCU joined hands with African partners to build a charging station with integrated solar, storage and charging on expressway sections, providing new impetus for the sustainable development of the local new energy vehicle industry.

Sustainable charging solutions

Local power plants in Africa are mainly based on hydropower and diesel, with high costs, unstable grids, and imperfect charging facilities, which seriously restrict the development of new energy vehicles. Therefore, it has become an ideal solution to make full use of the abundant local solar conditions and build an integrated charging station with solar, energy storage and charging.

The project adopts the “photovoltaic + energy storage + EV charger” mode, including photovoltaic power generation system, energy storage system, EV charging pile, intelligent integrated monitoring and management platform, environmental security monitoring device, etc. It integrates a variety of new technologies such as automation, informatization, intelligence, and interaction. Through the coordinated power supply of energy storage power stations and grids, it can not only realize peak shaving and valley filling, but also effectively solve the problems of intermittent and unstable photovoltaic power generation.

In addition, through the microgrid system formed by photovoltaic, energy storage and EV chargers, a clean energy cycle ecological chain of “utilization, storage and reuse” of solar energy can be established, which can maintain relatively independent operation, use new energy as fully as possible to alleviate the impact of EV charger post on regional grids.

The construction of the integrated light-storage-charging charging station in Africa clarifies that SCU fully considers energy demand and natural resources in the deployment of clean energy, while saving the operating cost of ev charger post, which will provide an important demonstration for the sustainable development of energy.

Reduce the cost of energy storage

The high cost of energy storage is the bottleneck for the development of the integrated charging station with optical storage and charging. On the basis of ensuring safety and reliability, SCU continues to explore technological breakthroughs to reduce investment costs and increase long-term benefits. The GRES static generator configured in this project combines multi-functional PCS with energy storage battery, mains, diesel generator, photovoltaic, wind energy, load, etc. Reasonable allocation and scientific use.

For this project, GRES static generator is equipped with a photovoltaic control module (MTTP) with a built-in DC/DC module, which can adjust the photovoltaic DC voltage and charge the battery, reducing the configuration of photovoltaic inverters; the PCS and the battery are isolated from each other, so that the battery part that is more sensitive to temperature is not affected by the high temperature of the PCS battery storage, reducing the necessity of configuring an air conditioner; the integrated design, small size and light weight, saves floor space and installation costs.

From the perspective of long-term benefits, through dynamic capacity expansion, “discharge during peak power hours and charge during valley power hours”, the grid pressure is reduced, the basic electricity fee when measured according to the maximum demand is reduced, and the cost and time for users to apply for capacity increase are reduced. Through the control strategy of PMS, the power grid, new energy and energy storage batteries can be integrated and complementary, which can significantly reduce the cost of electricity consumption for customers; natural energy is preferentially used, and solar energy and energy storage batteries can be complemented by MPPT controllers. It can ensure the power generation efficiency and utilization rate of new energy, and can also meet various modes such as grid-connected power supply, off-grid power supply, grid-connected with no power injection.

Widely applicable smart charging experience

As the terminal service of this integrated charging station, the reliability and applicability of the EV charger are very important. In this project, the SCU integrated DC charging station is applied, which integrates the modular structure design concept and electronic circuit technology. Power conversion, charging control, management, query, display and background communication are integrated, and the intelligent control of the charging process is realized by communicating with the vehicle management system (BMS).

In terms of safety, the overall protection level of the EV charging station is IP55, the metal closed shell, flame retardant and fireproof; it adopts air cooling mode, independent cooling air duct, and has overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, output short circuit, leakage protection, etc. The protection function improves the safety and reliability of the system.

In terms of applicability, the modular structure is adopted, the capacity covers 60KW-360KW, and the configuration can be flexibly expanded according to needs. The AC power supply has a wide input range and a wide output voltage range 50-1000Vdc to meet the charging needs of different vehicles. With a simple operation interface and a variety of payment methods, it can provide a more convenient and efficient charging experience.

The “solar battery energy storage system” integrated charging station enables electric vehicles to move from “low carbon” to “zero carbon”. In the future, SCU will continue to dig deep into clean energy supply, explore more possibilities for sustainable energy, lead a low-carbon life, and help Green travel.

Sicon Chat Union (SCU) was founded in 2003 with a vision of building sustainable future. We are focused on the development and application of power electronic technology, the core vision is to implementing the concept of sustainable product development on a global scale. We help our clients alter industries and markets, utilizing clean energy on the daily lives of billions of people. Uninterrupted power system, Electric vehicle fast charger and Energy storage system are the three key products of us. SCU’s success is driven by excellent groups of people, spreading business more than 50 countries and regions around the world.

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