The 2023 Annual Meeting of the Information Power Supply Technology Special Committee of the CPSS Was Successfully Held - SCU

The 2023 Annual Meeting of the Information Power Supply Technology Special Committee of the CPSS Was Successfully Held

annual meeting of the CPSS

On December 17, the annual meeting of the China Power Supply Society (CPSS) Information Power Supply Technology Special Committee ended successfully at SCU. The director, deputy director, consultant, and A total of 21 industry expert representatives, including SCU General Manager Chen Jisheng (Deputy Director), Deputy General Managers Liu Yafeng, Su Wei and Special Committee Member Li Dongmei, attended the meeting and delivered keynote speeches. This annual meeting is combined with the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the CPSS, with the theme of a historical review of the development of my country’s information system power supply technology and a technical discussion on development trends, summarizing experience sharing methods, and seeking joint future development.

The activities of this annual meeting were rich and colorful. General Manager Chen Jisheng led members of the special committee to visit the SCU exhibition hall, showing the development history of SCU and its main products: EV charger, Energy Storage System, UPS, application scenarios, etc. Members of the special committee shared and had conversations from multiple dimensions and perspectives, such as new products, new technologies, applications and challenges, and innovation drivers, and discussed hot and difficult issues in the development of the power industry. The participating representatives discussed ideas for further carrying out the activities of the special committee and the work plan for 2024.

At the meeting, General Manager Chen Jisheng proposed a reward plan for outstanding papers of the “Information System Power Supply Technology Special Committee· SCU Cup” to promote the academic exchange activities of the special committee, seek to explore new development paths and new strategies and inject new ideas into the development of the power supply industry. New momentum will lay a good foundation for industrial development in 2024.

SCU has invested a lot of scientific research, manpower and material resources and has always been committed to the application of power conversion automatic control core technology in the field of new energy, continuing to empower green development, and providing complete solutions to customers and the industry.

The successful holding of this annual meeting not only demonstrated the excellence of professionals in the power supply field but also built a more solid bridge for future cooperation and exchanges. SCU will continue to be committed to promoting innovation and development in the power supply industry and providing more support and cooperation opportunities for the Information System Power Supply Technology Committee of the CPSS. SCU will continue to delve deeply into the industry, realize innovation-driven through equipment innovation, application innovation, and solution innovation, and promote the industry’s safer, more efficient, smarter, and sustainable, high-quality development!

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