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What are the significant advantages of New Energy Integration Charging Station?

Solar+storage+charging integrated system integrates photovoltaic power generation, energy storage, micro-grid control, and electric vehicle charging through an integrated solution. It uses the battery energy storage system to absorb low electricity and supports fast charging during peak periods. It is supplemented by photovoltaic power generation system, which effectively reduces the grid load during peak periods of charging stations, improves system operation efficiency, and provides auxiliary service functions for the grid.

The integrated solution of ” solar+storage+charging ” can solve the problem of power distribution network in limited land resources and insufficient power distribution capacity of charging stations; at the same time, through photovoltaic power generation, 25 years of sustainable economic benefits can be achieved; The energy system fully utilizes the functions of storing energy and optimizing configuration, charging in valleys and discharging in peaks to further reduce charging costs, and can use off-grid operation mode to emergency charge new energy vehicles when the grid fails and power outage; discharge through energy storage , Can reduce the impact on the grid; in addition, it can also reduce the use of traditional energy, reduce polluting gas emissions, and improve energy utilization. In addition to the new energy automobile industry, ” solar+storage+charging ” also helps break the bottleneck of the development of photovoltaic power generation and energy storage industries.

Today, when the world is advocating green travel, it is necessary for ” solar+storage+charging ” to follow the development trend of new energy vehicles and vigorously build. Behind the multifunctional integrated station of ” solar+storage+charging ” is the continuous progress in the development of wind power, photovoltaic, and energy storage, as well as the development opportunities ushered in by “new energy power generation + energy storage”.

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