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Why does a photovoltaic system need to add energy storage?

With global warming and the gradual depletion of fossil energy, countries have begun to develop renewable energy to achieve energy production, ensure energy supply security, and long-term sustained economic growth. As green and clean energy, photovoltaic power generation conforms to the direction of energy transformation and development and is an important way and means to solve fossil energy depletion and achieve energy production.

Some policies now require adding energy storage to solar photovoltaic system. What is the reason?

1. Photovoltaic instability

The impact of photovoltaic power generation systems on the power grid is mainly caused by the instability of photovoltaic power sources. From the perspective of security, stability, and economic operation of the power grid, photovoltaic grid-connected power generation systems without energy storage will have adverse impacts on line flow, system protection, economic operation of the power grid, power quality, and operation scheduling. The impact of grid connection of photovoltaic power stations, especially large-scale photovoltaic power stations, on the power grid cannot be ignored. Currently, the way to solve the impact of photovoltaic power stations on the grid is to improve grid flexibility or configure energy storage devices for grid-connected photovoltaic power stations.

2. When the grid runs out of power, photovoltaic systems cannot work.

Ordinary grid-connected power generation systems cannot operate on isolated islands, which means that most grid-connected photovoltaic power generation systems cannot generate electricity when the grid is powered off. When the grid is without power, the grid-connected inverter cannot work properly. Even on very sunny days, with good solar radiation, photovoltaic arrays can emit very strong DC power, but they cannot be converted into usable AC power.

If you would like them to work all the time, use hybrid solar equipment to power grid-tied inverters in points where the grid is extremely unreliable.  However, off-grid inverters require high stability of the DC input voltage, and the output voltage and power of photovoltaic power generation arrays vary greatly with solar radiation, making it generally impossible to directly connect to off-grid inverters. A common solution is to use a battery energy storage system to achieve stable DC input.

SCU, as a professional battery energy storage system manufacturer, can give your guidance in the correct size of the hybrid solar system required to give frequency, phase-sequence, and voltage reference in order to power the grid-tied inverters. Welcome to contact us via enquiry@scupower.com

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