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Why is “source-network-load-storage” Integrated Operation Important in Smart Power?

1. What is “Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation?

The so-called “Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation refers to the operation mode of the overall solution of power supply, grid, load and energy storage. Implementing energy storage technologies can accurately control the socially interruptible electricity load and energy storage resources, and improve the safe operation of the power grid. Increase the proportion of renewable energy power consumption, and promote the coordinated and sustainable development of the energy field and the ecological environment.

2. Purpose of “Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation

The energy storage technologies of “Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation project have the characteristics of clear physical interface and control relationship between a specific area and the large power grid, and does not occupy system peaking resources. In fact, it is a local power supply and consumption system. According to the characteristics of new energy power fluctuation and intermittency, the “integrated” project will consume small and decentralized new energy power based on distributed development nearby, so that the power grid tends to be flat, distributed and localized. , to achieve the balance of local power supply and reduce the pressure of peak regulation and safety of the large power grid, which is the starting point of this mechanism. Integrated projects are an effective way to increase the proportion of renewable energy consumption and ultimately realize the vision of zero carbon.

3. Implementation conditions of “Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation

The energy storage technology of “Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation covers two important prerequisites: one is the breakthrough of advanced technology, which includes multi-energy complementary technology, power dispatching technology, energy storage technology and other key technology fields. innovation and development. The opinion points out that “to give full play to the adjustment ability of the load side, relying on technologies such as ‘cloud, big things, mobile intelligence chain’, etc., to further strengthen the multi-directional interaction of source, network, load and storage, and to provide adjustment support capabilities for the system through integrated aggregation modes such as virtual power plants”; One is the innovation of system and mechanism, which requires improving the electricity trading market, improving the electric power auxiliary service policy, stimulating market vitality and guiding market expectations. By improving the market-oriented electricity pricing mechanism, mobilizing the enthusiasm of market entities, guiding the active actions of the power supply side, the grid side, the load side and the independent energy storage, rational layout and optimized operation, to achieve scientific and healthy development. The follow-up even includes the improvement of various supporting policies such as carbon trading and green certificate trading. The “Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation mainly includes three levels: regional, municipal, and campus-level “Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation.

4. How to carry out the “Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation?

“Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation is a commercial energy storage operation mode and technology that can maximize the utilization of energy resources. It is an important development path to build a new type of power system to improve the power dynamic balance capability of the power system more economically, efficiently and safely.

On the whole, the operation mode of the “Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation can give full play to the adjustment capabilities of the power generation side and the load side, promote the precise matching between the supply and demand sides, and ensure reliable power supply. Specifically, in the past, the power grid system regulation mainly adopted the “source-follow-load” mode. The problem is that when the power load suddenly increases, once the power generation capacity is insufficient, there will be an imbalance between supply and demand, which will seriously affect the safe operation of the power grid.

To implement the “Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation, the first is to maximize the mobilization (or play) of the load-side adjustment response capability, so that users can deeply participate in the adjustment of the system operation, and fully tap and develop by capturing sensitive price signals. Guide the user’s enthusiasm and increase the flexibility of load-side adjustment. Secondly, on the power generation side, it is necessary to increase the adjustment capacity of various power sources and fully release them to realize the sharing of adjustment resources of the power system. This requires increasing the proportion of new energy generation in power generation, promoting the production and utilization of energy nearby, and increasing the scale of the energy storage system. application. Through the above means, the “Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation is expected to promote the transformation of power grid regulation from “source-load-driven” to “source-network-load-storage coordinated interaction”, providing a powerful impetus for accelerating the construction of a new power system.

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