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“Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation Will Become the Mainstream of Future Energy Development

The “Dual-Carbon Goal” accelerates the construction of a new power system with new energy as the main body, and vigorously improves the consumption and storage capacity of new energy. However, the volatility, intermittency and randomness of new energy power generation are very obvious. When a high proportion is connected to the power grid system, the intelligence and flexibility of the power grid system need to undergo fundamental changes. In order to build a new power system with a gradually increasing proportion of new energy, it is necessary to vigorously promote “new energy + energy storage”, support the rational allocation of energy storage systems for distributed new energy, and actively develop the “Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation and multi-energy complementarity.

1. The concept of “Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation

“Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation refers to exploring the development path of a power system with a high degree of integration of source-grid-load-storage through optimization and integration of local resources, supported by advanced technology breakthroughs and institutional and mechanism innovations, emphasizing the use of load-side adjustment capabilities, flexibility and strength in the local area. Develop and stimulate market vitality and guide market expectations.

2. Future energy development trends

For future energy demand growth, many well-known research institutions in the world have made predictions: renewable energy and natural gas will become the main sources to meet future global energy demand growth, and “low carbonization” and “diversification” are important trends in future energy development. with characteristics. With the rapid development of new energy sources such as solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, ocean energy and energy storage, energy is developing from the centralized resource supply of coal, oil and gas, and electricity in the past to both centralized and “decentralized” energy.

With the application of various information technologies in the field of energy storage, especially “digital” technology, the barriers between different energy types are gradually broken, and it has become a major development trend in the future. In the energy industry, “no country can be immune to energy issues” and “technology knows no borders” has become the consensus of everyone.

The proposal of the concept of global energy Internet and the establishment of the Global Energy Internet Development Cooperation Organization are an important symbol of the “internationalization” of energy. Promoting a clean and green way to meet global electricity demand is a historical transcendence and a major innovation to the traditional energy development concept. International cooperation in energy science and technology is becoming more and more extensive and stronger. Low-carbon, diversification, decentralization, digitization and globalization will be the main directions of future energy development.

3. Advantages of “Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation

The energy storage of “Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation can reduce the investment and construction cost of system balance resources, and play an important supporting role in improving the efficiency and benefit of investment and construction of new power systems. The large-scale adjustment capability formed by the “Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation can replace the system balance function of traditional units and relieve the system balance pressure; at the same time, the “Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation under unit adjustable capacity has more advantages than traditional thermal power units. Low investment and construction costs.

4. Significance of “Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation

On the road of accelerating the construction of a new power system, the energy storage system of “Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation is a key link, which can not only effectively maximize the utilization of energy resources, but also comprehensively improve the comprehensive adjustment and support capabilities of the power grid system. It is foreseeable that in the process of implementing the “dual carbon” strategy, under the goal of promoting the carbon peak of the power industry, “Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation is becoming a crucial solution.

5. The specific mode of “Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation

(1) Regional (provincial) “Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation

Relying on regional (provincial) power auxiliary services, introduce market entities such as power supply side, load side, independent electric energy storage, etc., and guide various market entities to adjust flexibly through price, so as to improve the enthusiasm of users for peak regulation. Relying on modern information communication and intelligent technology, strengthen the unified dispatching of the entire network, establish a flexible and efficient interactive power operation and market system between the source, network, load and storage, give full play to the regulatory role of the regional power grid, and implement the participation of power sources, power users, energy storage, and virtual power plants. market mechanism.

(2) City (county) level “Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation

Carry out the “Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation in key cities to strengthen the construction of local power grids, sort out the important loads in the city, study the plan for strengthening the local power grid structure, and propose the configuration plan for guaranteed power supply and self-provided emergency power supply. Combined with clean heating and clean energy consumption, study the integrated operation plan of cogeneration units, new energy power stations, and flexible operation of electric and heat loads.

(3) Park (residential)-level “Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation

Relying on new technologies such as modern information communication, big data, artificial intelligence, and energy storage, energy storage companies use the new “Internet +” model to mobilize the load-side adjustment and response capabilities. In urban commercial areas, complexes, and residential areas, relying on photovoltaic power generation, grid-connected microgrids and charging infrastructure, etc., develop park (residential)-level source-grid-level load-storage combining distributed generation and flexible charging and discharging of user energy storage Integrated construction. The park (residential)-level “Source-Network-Load-Storage” Integrated Operation is the most widely distributed project. Both distributed and centralized power sources can participate, with relatively little technical difficulty. It is also the most basic form of future new power system.

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