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Wonderful moments of SCU at Smarter E Europe

On June 14, the Smarter E Europe in Munich, Germany was grandly opened at the Munich International Expo Center in Germany. As one of the largest and most influential energy events in Europe, the Smarter E Europe exhibition attracts well-known renewable energy companies, energy storage system companies, and EV charger companies from all over the world to participate in the exhibition every year.

In recent years, affected by the energy crisis and the global implementation of energy conservation and emission reduction policies, the demand for “photovoltaic + energy storage” in the European market has become increasingly strong. Since 2018, China’s exports of ” photovoltaic + energy storage ” products to Europe have continued to rise. Entering 2023, European demand will continue to drive the growth of China’s ” photovoltaic + energy storage ” product exports. Europe took the lead in proposing the goal of carbon neutrality in 2050, and energy transformation is imperative. ” Photovoltaic + energy storage ” is also an indispensable and important link, which can escort new energy.

For the common goal of sustainable development, SCU, as the core supplier of new energy integrated pv, storage and ev charger equipment, was invited to participate in this exhibition, made a wonderful appearance at booth B2-159, and demonstrated the integration of new energy production, storage and charging on the spot The solution, which is a combination of ” energy storage + EV charger “, draws on the common advantages of both parties, and attracts customers and different companies to exchange and learn with energy-saving, convenient and efficient operation methods.

Smart energy storage

SCU GRES energy storage system is a perfect combination of photovoltaic /wind and energy storage equipment. It selects the high level performance batteries in the market and adopts a new immersion liquid cooling solution to meet the needs of customers in different application scenarios. The interior is mainly equipped with battery modules, energy transfer active balancing BMS battery management system and triple electrical protection components. It integrates heat dissipation design, insulation design, thermal isolation design, and safety design, which significantly improves system safety. The cabinet has a scientific structure, high mechanical strength, and convenient module installation and maintenance, and the overall structure ensures the reliability and safety of the system to the greatest extent.

Efficient charging

SCU new energy vehicle charging equipment also attracted much attention at this exhibition. With the advantages of complete categories, wide application, and high compatibility, SCU EV charger has demonstrated efficient charging solutions to many customers. Customized design and intelligent power distribution can maximize the performance of charging equipment and meet the diversification of different customers. need. Among them, the core component of the PLC is independently developed by SCU. Complying with the OCPP, ISO15118 standard, and the DIN17121 standard, all meet the European charging application requirements, providing huge power support for the development of the European market.

With the rapid development of the new energy industry, energy saving and carbon reduction have become a topic of global attention. The SCU integrated solution for new energy production, storage and charging can ensure the maximum charging power output under the condition of safe power supply capacity, providing power grid and storage Energy utilization; use functions such as peak shaving and valley filling to reduce electricity costs, respond to grid demand, increase system revenue, and achieve sustainable development of both supply and demand. In the future, SCU will continue to implement China’s new energy development policy, unswervingly continue to explore the development path in the field of new energy, increase research and development efforts, continue to introduce better products and services, and contribute to the development of new energy in the world a satisfactory answer sheet!

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